Thursday, 7 March 2019


Christian Heritage Booklets were quite sought after as they were the only source of the 10p Type 2 Machin. Even today they still hold a good price in most catalogues.

I purchased this booklet about 12 years ago and discovered that the 10p value had a inking flaw, the flaw jumped out at me straight off as it can be seen quite clearly with the naked eye. I tucked it away for posterity and forgot about it up till a couple of years ago when someone else reported on social media that they had a booklet with a similar flaw.

I have recently had the booklet valued by a local dealer, he advises me that it should be catalogued at £100.00 plus. Not bad for an item that cost me £5.00.

Anyway to cut to the chase, I have decided today to sell it and have listed it on eBay, start price is £35.00. It will run for ten days and hopefully get a bid or two. If you wish to see the listing  just type in the eBay search bar what I have written in the title to this post.

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