Tuesday, 8 September 2020

A Few More Bits


Firstly I would like to express my thanks to everyone who visited my eBay sales site and in particular a greater thanks to the people who made purchases. Not everyone leaves feedback so I hope you are pleased with your items.

I have been rather busy of late, fishing the river Severn in different locations whilst we still have some decent weather. My target fish were the bars of gold otherwise known as "The Barbel".  A powerful fighting fish that grow to massive size. I have had a little success but nothing in double figures as yet, mind you we are only less than 3 months into the current season. So over the next few weeks I may strike lucky. Wish me tight lines.

Back to my other passion Machins. As promised I have listed a few more items on the eBay auction site. Below are just a few of these (not all Machins). More will be added over the coming weeks. 

 Click on the link in the previous post to view, perhaps something may catch your eye. Thanks in advance

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