Saturday, 28 April 2007

Retail Anniversity Booklets - New Ruby Cyl Block

In a previous post I promised you that there were other Anniversary items in the pipeline, this is the latest which includes a mock signature of the man himself to the right of the stamps.
Ironic really, as Arnold often refused to sign many products which bear his name.

The Booklet

6 x 1st class retail booklet ( value in the bottom corner) Obviously geared towards educating Joe public to the facts of the 40th anniversary.
At the same time they try to encourage budding new collectors to visit their website. This is a nice change, just to see a return to a normal run of the mill issue instead of stamps issued just for the philatelic market.

However: Royal Mail are not stupid. These advertisement labels are getting more regular on the inside of booklets covers, which in turn means more collectors buy them. How much longer before we see "VISIT W.H SMITH for your stamps stationary and cards?" (You seen it here first) . W.H Smith are due to take over the running of 70 Post Office branches in the near future.

The label to the left of the new retail booklet reads:

Machin 40th Anniversary

Arnold Machin is remembered as the creator of the iconic image of H M Queen Elizabeth that has since 1967, appeared on more than 175 billion Royal Mail stamps.
He was a skillful sculptor, illustrator and ceramics designer.

Discover more about Royal Mail stamps at

Above: Thanks to the Philatelic Bulletin I can now show you the se-tenant Machin pane from the prestige booklet. Quite nice, I am looking forward to this one. Keep em peeled for mis- registration of phosphor bands

£1 Ruby from sheets of 200 (no logo) Another error?

The new ruby £1 value is also shown in the May 2007 bulletin (cylinder block form). The picture shown now has the cylinder number D1 number and has the colour of the stamps in the margin, it looks as though the settings are slightly lower than the previous £1 value.

As this is a different cylinder, I think it proves the point that the 46p cylinder D1 without logo was not printed D1 in error.

If the cylinder number was going to change it would have done so with the printing of this sheet. Or would it?
I have some details on file for previous Dunstable printings.

£1.00 Bluish Violet
D1 D1 D1 21/07/05 - 08/11/05, 11/01/06
D2 D2 D1 23/03/06
It is true to say that previous printings had the security of Iriodian ink, and as far as I know the new ruby stamps do not. Am I blowing the trumpet to soon? Lets have your views.
Please leave a comment if you have one.


larry said...

If every new cylinder is going to be D1, why bother with a cylinder number at all?

Machin Man said...

Hi Larry,

Thanks for your comment.

It is only a guess on my part, but now the blocks are printed without a logo. These will be known as such ( Dunstable no Logo).

Perhaps to keep tags, Cylinder numbers have started from the beginning again ie: D1 pD1

It is quite possible that in the future ) when new cylinders are needed these will be bumped up as normal to D2 etc.

Ian Billings has sent me an interesting email which I will produce as my next post. This could also explian the reason in a round about way.