Saturday, 5 July 2008

Royal Mail Site Gives More Information

Thanks Larry for the tennis results. A fore gone conclusion really, I should have had a bet, a mixed double maybe....he he, those sisters are something else.

The Grand Prix is televised today, I have my beers on ice for that one so this is definitely a short item. Back to your suggestion and getting back to Machins, well not exactly Machins but GB Stamps.

I read this from biker R-I and thought you might find it of interest. "After nearly a year of emails back and forth Royal Mail have agreed to start uploading their informative Previews to their website.

The page came online last week and has the Preview for the forthcoming Air Displays uploaded."

The link is:

When you get there, click on the link advanced collector, this is another new page which gives some information on several subjects.

"Advanced Collector brings into focus the stories behind the stamp issues – news, history and, thanks to our new comment area, plenty of debate as well. Written with the serious collector in mind, we produce regular features, including the Specialist, which tackles an issue and invites collectors to give their own feedback."

There are 3 to date, Bonding with books, 2007 stamp poll, and another entitled Inky business. A forth one is planned . " Next month we look at stamp separation – which incorporates perforating, rouletting and die-cutting of stamps"


larry said...

That link doesn't work. It is very hard (maybe impossible) to get directly to an inside page on the Royal Mail site. (That's by design...I read their linking policy a while ago and it says that everyone should come in though the main page.)

I couldn't find the Preview. Please give us navigation instructions atarting from the main page.

Many parts of RM's web site have not been updated in a while. The "Inky Business" article with its promise for next month has been there all year! Don't hold your breath for the next one. The Philatelic Bulletin Archive hasn't been updated since April, 2007. (It's not really an archive, either, just a list of contents).


Machin Man said...

Hi Larry, thanks for the info.

Typical Royal Mail, I have been informed that the download of the Preview does not work either.

The Link to the page has been repaired. I am now just now going to check it out myself.