Saturday, 30 August 2008

Another link added today

Today I have added a new link. This is a blog written by Adrian on philately in general.

Adrian states
"My main collection is on Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. I also have a more general world collection (leaning heavily towards Europe), focus sing largely on various definitive sets. I also have a soft spot for birds on stamps. I hope to be blogging daily (well, almost!) on what I've done, what I've found out and what I still need to know!"

Saying this above, he also writes about stamps of Great Britain and one post in particular concerns The Machin. His site is well written and its obvious he is a bit of a Machin nut, this is why I have included him in the links section today.
Another site I have not mentioned for a while is Michael Dodds blog Michael often refers in his posts to Machin design and other GB stamps of interest.
Do you have a website or blog that you would like me to link to, or perhaps give just a mention on these pages?. If so, just write to me at with the details and I will take a look.


Adrian said...

Larry, thanks for that! Yes, you could say that I'm a bit of a Machin nut, although it's very much a love-hate relationship I have with them. It's just such a hopelessly desperate area to collect, but then again, so intriguing and addictive! And it is absolutely the most wonderful definitive around.

nnnnnn said...

Guys,, thanks for plug..I have reciprocated on

keep up the great work..

Best wishes...Michael cddstamps