Monday, 29 December 2008

Slit Stamp Image

The above image of the upcoming security Machin was sent to me by my friend David Alderfer, who got it from Linn's Stamp News, who in turn got it from Royal Mail.

There are two things I find of interest. First, the location of the ellipses is different than on previous illustrations, most notably they are pretty well clear of the portrait, overlapping only the lower right corner.

Second, the security overprint of the words "ROYAL MAIL" covers both the background and the portrait, but with separate layouts.

David also sent me a copy of Royal Mail's news release dated December 8. (Presumably this is available on the Royal Mail web site, though I haven't checked.) The only information there that I haven't yet seen is that there will be two official first day covers, a low value one selling for £4 and a high value one selling for £13.69. The news release also confirms that the stamp rolls (coils) will not be self-adhesive.


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