Thursday, 1 January 2009

Machin News January 2009

Firstly, let me wish all of our readers A Happy New Year, then I can come to terms with what we know will occur on the Machin Front in 2009.

Since the 27th June 08 when I added the mini index left, we have between us added another 97 posts to this blog, we also have quite a few comments to these and previous posts...thanks very much for your continued support. During 2009 we hope to bring to you many more postings of A Machin Nature.

Starting with this one. So far, for certain January and February are going to be expensive months for the Machin collector.


Design Classics will be the theme of the Prestige Book to be issued on 13th January 2009 and priced at £7.68. The book will be produced by Walsall with the Machin pane containing 4x16p and 4x50p and is printed in Litho

NEW : A Valentines retail booklet will be issued on 5th January 2009 priced at £2.16. Its believed the booklet is a reprint of that issued in 2008.

NEW: Not Machins, but I feel they deserve a mention as most GB collectors add these to their portfolios. A mini sheet commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns will be issued on 22nd January 2009 priced at £2.66. It will contain 2x1st NVI Special Issue stamps and 4 Scottish pictorial definitives.


The second Prestige Book of the year commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin will be issued on 12th February 2009 priced at £7.75. The book will be produced by De La Rue with the Machin pane containing 2x5p, 2x10p, 2x1st and 2x48p and is printed in Litho

The roll-out of revised Machin definitives will commence on 17th February 2009. These are the stamps which will feature new security devices and will be incorporated into self adhesive 2nd and 1st class NVI's. Booklets and Business sheets.

Also, all existing ( retained) and new value counter sheet values will be gradually replaced by self adhesive versions in new sheet sizes of 50. I have conflicting news of this, as the Royal Mail news sheet states these are to be printed (and gives prices for stamps) in sheets of 100. It also states that the large 1st and second class stamps are to be printed in sheets of 50.

A new gum or as some suggest "different self adhesive paper" will be used that does not include a water soluble layer used previously ( for your information this has been trialed and was first introduced on the Christmas 2008 stamps).

Additionally, a pearlescent ink will be used to print the recurring text 'Royal Mail' in background around the Queens head. This will be visible to the naked eye (similar to phosphor bands) if the stamp is held and viewed at a angle. It is said that "these features are intended to make it more difficult to photocopy and scan stamps and also to prevent reuse of stamps"

NEW: Again, these are not Machins.

The forth mini-sheet in the 'Celebrating' series focusing on Wales will be issued 26th February 2009 and priced at £2.34. It will contain 2 x 81p Special Issue stamps and 2x1st NVI Welsh pictorial definitives (one of these is a new dragon design while the other - which is the standard design, has the dragon in a red colour) and will be printed in litho by De La Rue.

Added to this post on 3rd January

April 07th

Postage Rate Rise

First Class NVI self-adhesive stamps will cost 39p Second Class self-adhesive stamps will rise to 30p

First Class Large Letter NVI self-adhesive stamps will rise to 61p (sheets of 50)

Second Class Large NVI Letter self-adhesive stamps will rise to 47p (sheets of 50)

1p value , 2p value , 5p value , 9p value , also 10p, 20p , 50p , 56p , £1.00 values will remain on sale.

17p value will be new stamps , 22p value new stamps , 54p value new stamps , 62p value new stamps and 90p value new stamps. We expect these to be of the new security types mentioned earlier.

High values will remain on sale. Again these will be of the new self adhesive security type. Values are £1.50 stamps , £2.00 stamps, £3.00 stamps, £5.00 stamps.

Stamp Rolls:
500 x First Class stamps : £195.00

500 x Second Class stamps: £150.00

1000 x First Class stamps: £390.00

1000 x Second Class stamps: £300.00

10000 x First Class stamps: £3,900.00,

10000 x Second Class stamps: £3,000.00

Now you can have yourself a wee rest from collecting until we get more information on Machin issues over the next four months when certain re printings of stamps retained during the price rise are expected. Mind you, I am sure something will be issued for those who crave for new issues. If Royal Mail hold true to form, perhaps another new booklet or two are in the pipe line.


Treasure of the Archive is the theme of the Prestige Book to be issued 18th August.


The forth Prestige Booklet in the forces uniforms series will be issued on 17th September. The theme will be 'Royal Naval Uniforms'

Enjoy your stamps: ...Roy


Ian - Norvic said...

Valentines Booklet 2009?

Where did you hear that this booklet is to be issued on 5 January (tomorrow!!)?

I've heard nothing of the sort and there is nothing in the January Philatelic Bulletin. I've been asked by customers and told them that nothing is coming!!

OTOH there will be three 'Design Classics' booklets this year, same format as the Ice Cream last year.

Machin Man said...

Hi Ian, Happy New Year to you.

I too had heard nothing about this reprint untill I visited

I assumed that as it was a reprint no RM publicity was evident.

If the information is wrong I will make an announcement later.

Can you give us more details of the three Classic Designs booklets?

Thanks Roy

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