Thursday, 4 June 2009

More News on New Machins

Last Month I mentioned and showed the cover of A Prestige Booklet entitled Royal Navy Uniforms which is to be issued on 17Th September 2009. Since the above post we have had some more information regarding the proposed Machin pane and other pane contents.

Marin A informs us via the comments dept that The Navy Uniforms booklet has 3 new Machins 1p x2, 17p x4 and 90p x2.

I have been sent this picture (left), which could be a mock up, as the banner dissects through the perforations of the top left 17p stamp.

Martin continues. "With the 17p appearing in the Archives booklet and the 1p printed in Litho by Questa on 8th July 1996 the only new Machin in this booklet would be the 90p." Incorrect Martin the 1p is a new stamp at Deegam level 1,2 and posibly 3. Cartor are the printers.

The latest Philatelic Bulletin has the 'Treasures Of The BPMA' PSB as being printed by Cartor (not Walsall). Cartor are a French subsidiary of Walsall. It doesn't mention Litho but we were informed two years ago after the issue of the James bond booklet (DE La Rue) that all new (future) Prestige Booklets will be printed in Litho, plus this fact which Martin states "Cartor and Litho seem to go hand in hand."

More information on The T.O.T BPMA Machin pane. This will also consists of 3 new Machins 17p x4, 22p x2 and 62p x2. This would make it the first time these three stamps are printed in Litho.


GBStamps said...

More labels that can be sold profitably on eBay.


Ian - Norvic said...

You might want to edit your entry from MarinA to read 'Royal Navy' instead of "Army uniforms". Then you can delete this comment!

You can see all of the panes on our website here
(I must add you to my emailing list - send an email address!)

Machin Man said...

Thanks Ian,

I Will leave the comment just for the link to the pics of the other panes.