Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Decimal Coinage Head

I have recently visited a great website which not only describes the life and tributes of Arnold Machin but also his wife Patricia and their son, Architect, sculptor and painter Francis.

The site refers to "The Machin Arts Foundation" which was founded in 2003 by Francis Machin to celebrate the life and work of his parents, Arnold and Patricia Machin, it promotes figurative art and support emerging artists.

Following on from the last two posts which (sort of) deal with the Machin Design this is just a snippet of the information available to the general public from this web site.

The Coinage Head

"His final portrait, approved by the Queen in June 1964, was handed over to the Mint where it was reduced mechanically with a pantograph machine to coin size. Arnold visited several times to supervise the final engraving. The first two coins (the 5 new pence and the 10 new pence) with the new effigy of the Queen were in circulation in 1968. A year later a 50 new pence piece was introduced, and the remaining coins became available as legal tender on Decimalisation Day, February 15th 1971."

Did you know

"In 1972 Arnold competed in designs for a commemorative crown to celebrate the Royal Silver Wedding, and again in 1977 for Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee. He won both of these competitions, and his success meant that he was invited to design coins for Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, Brunei, the Guernsey Jubilee and the Bahamas. Arnold also produced cameos in bas-relief of the Queen and the Queen Mother, and portrait medallions of Princess Anne, to commemorate her wedding, and Prince Charles."

If you have a little time to spare log on to the Machin Arts Foundation site here I am sure you will find it interesting reading. For future reference I am also adding a permanent link from this site.

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