Thursday, 17 June 2021

Interesting Booklet


Yesterday I had a delivery of stamps from a recent eBay win. Several early booklets were included in the lot and a quick sort through and I came upon some nice cylinder booklets which will be welcome additions to my collection.  

I also came across this £1.55p SG FT2B (2 Letters Abroad) discount booklet with stars printed under the gum. What stood out like a sore thumb I noticed it has a pale patchy inking to the background colour. I  had seen something similar before so I ended up checking it in the MCC specialised catalogue only to find it unlisted. 

The first issue in the Social letter writing series £1.70p FT1A and FT1B ( Love Letters) was listed with a pale shade, so my mind was not playing tricks on me. The stamps do actually exist if they are in fact classed as "pale shade" but they have only been found to date without the star underprint and catalogued with a different booklet cover.  

I do not think it is worth a fortune but if you fancy a bid on it I have listed it on eBay starting at £6.45 which I think is a realistic price. Your comments are always welcome.

                                          Shown with normal for comparison

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