Thursday, 25 November 2021

Farm Buildings Booklets 1978 With Misfolded Panes

Whilst breaking a collection of 10p Farm Buildings Booklets I came upon several with mis - folded panes. 

4 x FA6, Yorkshire 

4 x FA7, Wales

1 x FA8  Scotland 

Some have been sold already and I have retained one of each for my own collection. I still have 1 x Wales and 1 x Yorkshire as spares. If anyone would like them I am only asking for £5.00 each or £10.00 for the pair + postage at cost. Please email me

They are folded across stamps 3 & 4 rather than across the perforation line and have a narrow selvedge perf type P. Payment via PayPal. First come first served.

Perfs are good to average and they have plate annotations written in pencil on the inner covers. This should erase should you wish to do so.

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