Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Prestige Booklet 31/07 2017

On the 31st July a new prestige Booklet will be issued, but do not expect any Machin definitives. The last one issued for the 50th anniversary took care of our needs, so it may be nice to have a rest for a short time. At least it will allow us to save a few pounds ready for the next one.

This latest booklet only deals with special issues, not even a country definitive has been added to the fold which is a shame as some people do collect them as well as Machins. Below are some images of the cover and individual panes for those who may be interested

I am on holiday for three weeks, well my family is, they have arrived in mass so I will be busy for a while. During this time if I can post something that will be of interest I will, if not have a nice summer vacation your self . If you are not having a break dont work to hard and enjoy your stamps.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Blog Update Machin News July 2017

UPDATE Corrections & Additions 18/07/17

It has been a while since I last updated this web log, the reason being I have been away in the UK on business and it took me longer than I thought it would to complete everything on my agenda.

During my spare time I managed to pick up a few nice items for my collection in the form of mis cut booklets. There is something about miscuts that I can not resist.

Do not ask me what it is, I just like the unusual. left is one of several of the 10p booklets I aquired. I also purchased several 65p booklets with different perforations and sheet markings. I have a few dupilates of both the 10ps and 65ps so if anyone wants one let me know.

Another item I picked up was a receipt of postage certificate from a few years back. Something else  that I thought unusual. This is shown below.

I am now back in Spain for a couple of months, back to the grind stone of lazing around and enjoying life in the sun. Not for long though, I have more business to conduct in the UK late September so I will be away again then for a  short time, hopefully this will only be a couple of weeks.

Whats new on the Machin front?

To be honest nothing much, there have been a few new issues that I am aware of. I will try and list them.

It came to my attention that a 1st class with the code M17L/MSIL was floating around, my enquiries found out that is was a reprint of the Padlock booklet of six printed at the begining of the year. I have not yet determined what the backing paper is.

There is also a 1st class large on SBP2 code M17L/MFIL doing the rounds. Sorry I do not have the issue date to hand at this time. (thanks Brian for spotting the mistake)

A 1st class large is also in circulation code M17L presumed to originate from a counter sheet? This is on  SBP2

A new recent new issue that I have seen is a 1st class signed for code M17L this is on SBP2. (see pic below)

There are also a couple of few  low values with codes M17L from counter sheets that are being offered on eBay.

1p with SBP2 08/03/17
2p with plain backing paper. 30/01/17
5p with plain backing paper 09/03/17
10p 27/01/17 PBP
20p SBP2 02/03/17
£1.40  PBP 19/01/17
£1.40 SBP2 07/03/17
£1.57 PBP 20/01/17
£1.57 SBP2 07/03/17 
£2.27 PBP 23/01/17
£2.27 SBP2 10/03/17
£2.55 PBP ?
£2.55 SBP2 ?

Special delivery 100g M17L PBP 01/02/17

Another new issue that has been reported is a 2nd class from a business sheet coded M17L/MBIL. This I think is on plain  security backing paper.

2nd class large M17L PBP

I have just been on the web blog run by Ian Billings, he has a complete listing of all 2017 stamps. here is the link. Thanks Ian you have saved me a lot of time with this list. I have also coppied a pic of the 1st class signed for that you have mentioned, thanks once again I hope this is OK.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

My additional 50th Anniversary columns for Linn's Stamp News

A few weeks ago I mentioned the first of my three columns published by Linn's Stamp News on the occasion of the Machin anniversary. The final two parts have been published, but the full text is restricted to subscribers only. The web site contains on the first section of each column - the second one is here and the third is here.

Linn's is still offering a free subscription to their digital edition, and I think that should get you access to the full text of my columns. You can sign up for the free access here. If anyone tries it, please let us know the results in the comments.

One of the illustrations I included with the column is this side-by-side comparison of the original 1977 £5 Machin (on the left in the image above) and the recent one issued for the 65th anniversary of the Queen's accession. The purpose was to show the difference between the portrait derived from one of the original photographs of Machin's cast and the portrait derived from the 1997 digital image. Of course, the production methods of the two stamps are different - the 1977 issue was produced by photogravure using acid etching, and the 2017 issue was produced by electromechanical engraving (EME), often referred to as simply 'gravure' - but most of the difference results from the new image.