Saturday, 10 March 2018

Update New Walsall £2.25 Value

It is now official.

The new £2.25 value will be a new issue and it is printed by ISP Walsall. The only printing date seen so far is 15/01 18. If you collect all cylinder blocks it looks as if there will be eight cylinder grid positrons.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

New Tarrifs 26th March

We now know that four new Machin values will be issued on 20th March for the tariff  rise on the 26th March 2018.

New rates 2nd class 58p, the old rate  being 56p. 1st class 67p, the old rate being 65p. Large 2nd class 79p, the old rate 76p large 1st class £1.01p, the old rate being 98p.

The new issues (values are) : £1.25 Holly Green, £145 Dove Grey, £1.55, Marine Turquoise, and £2.65 Purple Heather. It is understood that the £2.25 Plum value first issued in 2015 will be re-issued also.

It has also been confirmed that these will be printed by ISP Walsall. Does this indicate that all future sheet printing will also be printed by ISP Walsall?

It is thought in many circles that the £2.25 may not be a new printing (as yet) but may come from a previous De La Rue printing. IE: old stock. New stock should be reprinted by Walsall with a 2018 code when the old stock has been used up.

New values will be issued for the Country Pictorial designs. These will be £1.25 and £1.45 they will replace the existing £1.17 and £1.45 values.

Regarding the Country stamps it is understood that the value tablet will alter and revert to the same typeface as the Machin definitives. The first and second class country stamps will also be reprinted using the new typeface.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

RAF Pane Update

Dave F (thanks Dave) has sent me pic of the Machin pane from The Royal Air Force Centenary Prestige Booklet. The complete booklet will cost £18.69. As you can see it will consist of 3 x 2p, 3 x 5p and 2 x £1.17 stamps.

This is an expensive booklet, but I have a feeling as the topic is aircraft it will appeal to a lot of collectors.

The customised retail booklet will be issued on the same date 20th March 2018, details of the codes for both issues can be found here on my previous post.

Dave also mentioned that a second mixed 1st class RAF retail booklet (six stamps) will follow with two different special issues ( 1st class Red Arrows) to the first. He is not sure of the date but thinks it may be sometime in May. Perhaps the 11th.

I have just been over to Ians blog, he has update with some great images of all the issues (including panes from the RAF Presige booklet, take a peek.