Thursday, 27 June 2019

Important Notice

I am sorry but due to a family bereavement I will not be able to honour my commitments on line for at least two weeks, this means unsold eBay sales and other items mentioned in my previous post will not be re-listed at this time.

I estimate that normal service will be resumed in the middle of July. I do apologise to all of you that this may affect, and hope that you will re visit the site at the later date.

There are still many of the De La Rue cylinder blocks, vertical / horizontal coils and Pictorial regional blocks still to be listed.

Best Wishes


Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Verical Coils Single Stamps

I am currently unloading a few more Machin stamps via eBay. This week  I  am trending a few vertical and horizontal coils and a few singles from vertical coils. I am also in the process of listing DLR cylinder blocks with dull, intermediate and bright papers. All are mint with full gum. Most of the blocks are pristine and have have angled margins like the 33p block shown below.

Here is a list of the coil singles on offer. You will have to visit my eBay site for these and other offers. Add the URL to your favourites and check it every so often. I will also be listing cylinder blocks of regional pictorials. The majority of the pictorials are elusive blocks of 8, 2 x 4 showing the country name in the margin.

Coil Singles

19p acid etched
2nd horizontal S/A
1st  horizontal S/A
1st EME S/A
2nd EME S/A
25p EME
2nd Acid etched

This is a great chance to fill a few gaps in your own collection I am using an old catalogue to value them, so they are all starting 2007 prices.

Just so you know, all these and future listings that I am preparing are one offs from my own collection which I am slimming down and once they have gone they will not be on offer again.

Thanks for looking and if you bid good luck.

Monday, 29 April 2019

A Trip To The Post Office

Yesterday  I had to visit my local sub post office as I needed to post some letters that required to be sent by recorded delivery. Whilst I was there I decided to pick up some low value self adhesive Machins for make up postage.

The teller informed me that "no one seems to ask for stamps any longer, and they only had a few 1p,2p,5p and 10p low values in the folder". After looking at what she had I purchased the part sheets available, perhaps twenty or so stamps from each sheet of 25.

When I got home just for curiosity I checked them out. I was really surprised to see that the dates on the sheets were seven and eight years old. The 1p sheet was dated 2011 with no iridescent code, the 5p M12L with the date block of 12/09/12 in the margin. The 2p values also had no iridescent code and were dated 31/08/11. The 10p value was more up to date being 2016. The teller was not joking when she said "no one asks for stamps"

It just goes  to show that one can still pick up old stock at face value. I am not a collector of self adhesives, I do not deal in them much either. Checking them out on eBay I found that for these dates the cylinder blocks were selling at roughly £1.70 to  £2, the date blocks sellers were asking for prices in the region of £3 - £5. I will give you one guess where these are going?

I will also need more low value postage, so I will have another trip to the same post office sometime this week. Enjoy your stamps, enjoy your week.