Wednesday, 22 March 2017

More News On The Golden Anniversary Issues

At the end of the month I will be away for a couple of weeks on holiday in the UK and will not be posting here for a time. It makes perfect sense to try to get in front of myself. Here goes !!

I have had a couple of emails suggesting what formats, stamp types and values to expect for this event. I have not checked if this information is correct, but have been told it has come from a reliable source. There are some interesting additions to my last post. Firstly the miniature sheet entitled The Machin Definitive 50 years A Design Icon" will be made up of 6 x 1st class special issues. 

My informant advises me that it is quite possible that "these special issues may be a re-issue of the stamps  used for the Arnold Machin Anniversary issue. This is not set in stone ."

The second Miniature sheet "The Machin Definitive Golden Anniversary Celebration"  this pane will contain some familiar Machin definitive values and designs of the present and past. 

Noted in the report is a 5p violet, 20p double headed definitive, and a 1st class similar to the first (landscape issue) self adhesive released in 1993. The rest of the mini sheet is made up of A Millenium 1st Class, A gold Machin  1st class PIP similar to the 2006 issue , a 1st class Post office red. One new stamp that sound quite nice is in the design of a £1.00 recess printed definitive similar to 1969 issue. All these above will not be self adhesive and have PVA  gummed paper. I am also informed that this £1.00 issue will be in the form of " gold foil."  

Below * Please note. This is not the actual stamp just a mock up, it is thought the £1 symbol will be different on the actual issue.

The Prestige booklet will also contain some stamp designs (types) that we have seen before. We have mentioned that it will be made up of 5 panes. These may be 2 x panes of special issues,  a pane of mixed Machins in the form of 1p + 2p + 5p + 20p + 50p . A second class NVI and a £1.00 Ruby.

Another Machin pane may contain 3 x 20p double headed anniversary stamps + 1st class (red) A 1st class millennium Machin  + A 1st class PIP gold + A 1st class gold and a !st class with the deeper red . 

A third Machin pane is said to have 4 x £1.00 gold foil issues described above, these are to be printed in Litho.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Machin News March - April 2017

Welcome to Machin Mania (Machin News)

50th Anniversary Special

It seems mad, crazy even to some, to have definitive stamps that have lasted this test of time is surely an innovation Arnold Machin could have never predicted.  50 years of one stamp design with a iconic image of a young Queen Elizabeth's head and shoulders, driving some collectors into a frenzy at times is something that no one could have predicted.

Much has been written on the subject of the design by many people so I will get down to the nitty gritty of today's Breaking News Report.

Time seems to fly so quickly, Larry and I have now been writing this blog for over ten years with near 1000 posts. Many thanks to all our readers for following us and allowing us to keep you entertained as such. Today on the Agenda, is a spacial report and some news of what we have all been waiting for.

What will (may) be issued in June to commemorate the 50 years of the Machin definitive anniversary. There has been a lot of speculation on this subject, but now I have some news (on good authority) straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

It seems that the event will be celebrated with new issues taking the form of miniature sheets, A prestige booklet, a retail booklet of 6 containing a special label. Last but not least will be a set of 1st class post & go stamp labels in several different colours . The Machin head on these labels is said to be minus the tiara.

Mini sheets

News is very patchy at time  but we do have a little insight.

Printed by Walsall in gravure" entitled The Machin Definitive 50 years A Design Icon". This sheet will be made up with 6 x 1st class values.

A second Mini Sheet A Golden Age

"The Machin Definative Golden Anniversary Celebration". Also printed by Walsall, this will contain seven different value Machins. I am informed the price will be £3.85 so what values these will be is a guess. At this price low values seems to be favorite.

Prestige Booklet

"The Machin Definitive 50th Anniversary"

This is presumed  to contain  five panes and interleaves. Printed by Walsall and Cartor in gravure and Litho. The price is said to be £15.14 and it is presumed that there is  a slight premium over face value.

Counter Retail Booklet

"The Machin definitive 50th Anniversary"

Again 6 x 1st class values incorporating a Anniversary Label. It is not known if this is a custom mixed retail booklet but it is assumed so.

The Post & Go labels are described above.

Happy Collecting.

Lots of new stamps to look forward to with lots of different codes and possibly a new description in the iridescent prints. More info will be available when we get it.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Machin Mosaic

At the recent Southern England Stamp Show, a Machin Mosaic (music to the ears of this alliteration admirer) containing over 528,000 stamps was displayed. It handily won the Guinness World Record for the largest stamp mosaic for its builder, Peter Boyd from Kent.

Ian Billings has the whole story here, including a video of the whole mosaic. The report in the local newspaper, with additional photos, is here.

What I don't understand is that the local newspaper article said, "The record attempt began when Mr Boyd was looking at an old Machin postage stamp worth six and a half pence through a magnifier." The half-penny became obsolete in the 1980s and certainly no catalog or price list has valued a single item at that price for many years. Exactly where did that value of six and a half pence come from?

Meanwhile, I guess I need only about another 428,000 Machins before I can do the same thing. Or so it seems.