Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Decimal Machine Folded Booklets, Perf Types

I have received a couple of emails asking about the perforation differences on my list of booklets for sale.
10p booklet (None pictorial) with plain covers, or as some describe them “ dotted 10p booklets” are known to exist with several types of perforations in the top margins and also different layouts of the text, on the inside and outside cover. Stanley Gibbons Concise Catalogues do not mention this so it can be overlooked.
Although the panes and covers may look the same to an untrained eye, one particular booklet could  be worth considerably more than another. 

The 10p booklets are catalogued and dated FA1(November 75)FA2 (March 76)  and FA3 (June 77) each issue can have several different perforation types. I might also mention that several of the 50p booklets can also have perforation varieties.
I will try to describe some of these booklets types to you.
FA1: The inscribed date is found at the bottom of the cover.
FA2 and FA3 the versions of the dates are found at the top of the booklet cover.
FA3 also has the name of the printer (Harrison and son limited) printed on the back cover.
3 x different 10p booklets
To confuse matter even more the June 77 booklets can be found with different settings and different imprints of the printed text creating three different types of booklet with different perforations . I will not go into this at this time as it will confuse matters even more.  

for this issue there are at least five different types of marginal perforations recorded by the Modern British philatelic Circle. if you wish to learn more about the different aspects of types of marginal perforations and booklet collecting in general I advise you to visit their website or even join the group. 

P1 Perforations extended through margin
Back to marginal perforations, again, as not to confuse  I will not list them all, just the two mentioned in my list should wet your appetite enough to gain further information on the subject. One perf type over another could actually make a difference of ££££s to the relative catalogue value.
E1 Perforations extended by one hole into margin
I still have several of the booklets on my original list (below) for sale, if you wish to purchase any just email me or send your order and payment direct via paypal to

Friday, 15 January 2016

Vending Booklets For Sale

Before Christmas I purchased a few booklets via eBay.  Along with a pile I have already for sale.

Here is the list and the prices. Single items under £5.00 will only be charged £1.00 postage from Spain.  For multiple purchases or single stamps (over £5.00) postage will be free from Spain . 

Just for you readers and members of The Machin Forum you may also deduct 10% discount from these prices.  I have tried to describe these booklets in easy terms. As usual if you have any questions, just ask, booklets will be deleted as they are ordered., so first come first served


I hope you can find something useful to add to your own collection. 
  Payment by Paypal to


 FA1 Nov 1975 P1 perfs 1.00        
FA2 March 1976 E1 perfs 5.00 
FA4 Oast Houses P1 Perfs 60
FA5 N Ireland E1 perfs 75
FA6 Yorkshire P1 perfs 75
FA7 Wales E1 perfs 75 
FA8 Scotland E1 perfs 65
FA9 Sussex P1 perfs 60
FA10 August 79 50 
FA11 January 80 50 
FA11A January (Chambon) 1.00

50p Booklets 

 FB10 Rolls Royce 2.00 
FB12 Daimler 1.50
FB14 Lanchesrer 1.75 
FB18 Mowcop Castle 11 ½ on left 3.00 
FB19 Paxtons Tower 12 ½ on right 1.50
FB24 Old Spot Pig 12 ½ on right 3.00 ( incorrect rate)
FB27 Dendrobum 13p on right 1.50
FB28 Cypripedium 1.50 
FB29 Bifrenaia 1.50 
FB30 Cymbidum 1.50 
FB32 Dragon Fly 4.00 
FB33 Common Frog (starred paper) cyl B36 P67 3.50
FB33A Common Frog ( non starred ) 2.50
FB35 Moorhen 4.00 
FB36 Giant Snail 3.50 
FB37 Roman Theatre 2.50
FB38 Porchester Castle 2.25 
FB 40 Ashes Urn 2.00
FB41 Lords Pavilion Gates 1.95 
FB43 Bodnent 3.00
FB44 Edinburgh 3.00
FB47 Pigs 2.00 
FB48 Birds 2.00 
FB 51 Yeoman 1.75
FB52 Pirates of Penzance 1.75
FB53 Gilbert and Sullivan 3.00 
FB54 Hermit Crab 2.00 
FB58 BAC ATb/BAr 146 2.75
FB59 Sir Arther Evans (incorrect rate) 1.75
FB59a Sir Arther Evans (corrected rate) 1.75 
FB62 Sir Finders Petrie 1.75 
FB63 Shivery Association 1.50 
FB64 Airmail Postmarks 1.50 
FB65 Ship postmarks 1.50 
FB66 Registered mail postmarks 1.50 
FB67 Paid postmarks 1.50 
FB68 Swan with two necks 1.50 
FB69 Bull and mouth 1.50 
FB70 Golden cross 1.50 
FB71 Pheasant inn 1.50 
FB72 John o groats 1.50 
FB73 Land end 1.50 
FB74 St Davids head 1.50 
FB75 Giants causeway 1.50 

 FH5 Violin 3.50 
 FH7 Bass clarinet 3.50
 FH10 Speckled band 4.50 
 FH12 Bears 4.00 
 FH14 Nickolas Nickelby 4.50 
FH16 Great Expectations 4.00 
FH 18 Wicken Fen (Walsall) 9.00 
FH28 Wicken Fen (Harrison) 4.00 
FH20 Click Mill Orkney 3.50 
FH21 Jack and Jill 2.50 
FH22 Howel Mill Anglesea 3.00 
FH23 Punch (incorrect rates) 3.00 
FH23A Punch (corrected rates) 7.00
FH24 Punch 3.00  
FH32 Herbert Asquith litho walsall 2.75
FH33 Lloyd George 2.50 
FH34 Churchill 2.50 
FH35 Clement Attlee 2.50 
FH36 Violette Szabo 2.50 
FH38 R.J.Mitchell 2.50


 FW2 Motor Mail Van 3.00 

 FW3 Electric Van 3.00 
 FW3 Rowland Hill 4.50
 FW4 Director of Railways 3.00 
FW7 Penny Postage 4.50

Roy Simpson

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Type of Marker Bar

I have now returned from my Christmas / New Year trip to the UK, my first Christmas holiday for nearly nine years. It was really great to spend this festive time of year with family and friends. I also managed to catch up with some of my Machin stamp collector pals.

I  also visited my old local stamp shop and purchased a few bits and pieces. One or two which intrigued me as I had not seen them before.

The first was a £1.00 vending booklet depicting Vera Lynn containing 4 x 25p Machins ( OFPP) phosphorised paper. I noticed immediately that the marker bar was made up of 7 vertical lines.

 Going through the stock books I found another booklet, this was the Rowland Hill £2.00 vending book containing 8 x 25p Machins with a similar marker bar.
The vertical lines on this booklet were split in the middle diagonally. I know these are nothing special, and are just a change from the earlier marker bars which were printed in the form of a solid black or red bar but they grabbed my attention so as they were selling just over face value I had to have them. I know what you are thinking, "spend spend spend" :-), I just cant resist Machins it must be a mania.
It seems like an eternity has passed since I wrote about marker bars, I have now managed to find the post lost in the archives from 24th April 2007. Take a peek and refresh your memory. 
 Time certainly flies when you are having fun with stamps especially if they are Machins in particular.  Happy New Year.