Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Latest News on the R.A.F Centenary Issue

Sometimes news drifts in to me in bits and drabs. I have already mentioned that the Royal Air Force  Centenary on the 20th March 2018 will include a custom booklet with a code M18L / MCIL.

I can  now confirm that the RAF issue will include the second Prestige Stamp Book of the year. This will have codes referring to 2018 printing and a P for prestige. A mixed pane of Machins + label will include 3 x 2p, 3 x 5p and (it is presumed) 2 x £1.17p.

The RAF special issues have had some pre-publicity, for those of you that may be interested these are a set of 5. 1st class Lightning F6, 1st class Hurricane Mk1, £1 40 Typhoon, £1.40 Vulcan, £1.57 Sopwith Camel, £1.57 Nimrod Mk 2.

There is also a Red Arrows miniature sheet of 4 planned.1st class Flypast, 1st class Swan, £1.40 Synchro, £1.40 Python. I mention these only for our readers who I know collect stamps with this ever popular subject of Aircraft.

The third prestige book of the year will (I am told) be issued on 13th September 2018 for the last in the series depicting the Great War 2018. It is assumed that this as with previous Great War booklets will not contain a Machin pane.

A fourth Prestige booklet is to be announced for the issue still kept under raps this has the issue date 16th October 2018.

                      Pic: courtesy of BFDC

Friday, 26 January 2018

Three New Machins


Again (sorry) we do not have a great deal of new issue news to report. What we do have you may already know of, but just in case you are not quite up to date here is what we have.

Ian Billings has informed his readers via his blog that he now has some stock of the elusive 1st class value coded M16L from counter sheets. He always said "they would appear at some time".

The Game of Thrones Prestige Booklet has given us three Machins. On the mixed pane of eight + label you will be able to acquire 5p, 20p and £1.17p values. All these carry the M17L / MPIL security codes so are they new stamps? The £1.17p is, not sure if I can call the other two NEW as we have these with a 2017 code. Another minor observation regarding the £1.17p value this is the first time to date that this will have appeared with PVAL gum.

I have heard a whisper that the February issue depicting Votes for women will give us a 2018 mixed custom booklet with 1st class Machin M18L / MCIL code. This is not set in stone so I will update the blog when I know more. We may have a second prestige booklet for the Votes For Women issue  too, but I think this is speculation rather than fact. I personally think this will come with the RAF centenary in March.

I can now confirm that the RAF issue on the 20/03/2018 will have a 6 x 1st  mixed custom booklet released with the issue. The 2 x special stamps will be one of each of the Hurricane MK 1 and Lightning F6 stamps. We will not see a mixed booklet with Votes For Women. The 1st class Machins in the RAF booklet will have M18L/MCIL codes.

March is also the month when we have the usual annual tariff increase.

New values with counter sheet issues?? Anyone have ideas what these will be? I look forward to your speculations and observations.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Game Of Thrones Prestige Booklet

2018 has arrived and it has been announced that the first money making (idea) issue from Royal Mail will be released on the 23rd January.  Like it or not the Game of Thrones issue is about to hit collectors and fans of the series pockets with a  real bang.

The only part of this issue Machin related is what I describe as a part mixed Machin pane. The eight stamps that make up the pane and label will consist of 2 x 2nd class Northern Ireland regional definitives, 2 x 1st class Iron throne stamps, 2 x 5p Machins, 1 x 20p Machin and 1 x £1.17p Machin.

The price of the booklet is £13.95. These may or may not (depending on the print date) have a 2018 code. We will have to wait and see.

A 2000 limited edition leather folder version of the booklet will also be offered to those with more money than sense for £75.00.

Make of it what you will, I will not be buying it or any of the Throne products. That is all they are to me "products" not collectibles. My opinion this is is just another money making blunder by Royal Mail who are now driving even more genuine philatelists away by the truck load.

I await the next Machin issue (February?) with anticipation.