Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Machin News January 2015

It has been quite awhile since we had a post entitled Machin News so I will start of this new year in an attempt to bring back this popular feature.

Starting with the news of the first PB of the year which is entitled Inventive Britain. This booklet will be issued on 19th February and the first of the panes I am glad to see will contain Machin definitives.

The layout is reported to be of nine stamps 2 x 1p, 3 x 2p, 1 x81p  and 2 x 97p on gummed paper.

I have not as yet seen the actual pane only a mock up but I have been informed that the security codes will not indicate that they are to be issued in 2015.  As they must have been printed sometime in 2014 the codes will show M14L MPIL.

Thanks to Ian (Norvic Philatelics) I can now add a pic of the actual pane.

Also in the news this month..

I have been told that Douglas Myall who has a website called Deegam Publications has now uploaded his latest in depth look at current Machins in the form of The Deegam Report (report number 111). I have not yet had the chance to visit his pages but when I log off here I will log in to his site and read it. Then I plan to have a well deserved rest (I like it) on Larrys Machin couch.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Unique Jeffery Matthews Artwork to be Sold for Charity

Jeffery Matthews has created a unique artwork to be sold to raise funds for charity. It includes pieces of the original color swatches produced for Royal Mail. It will be auctioned in London this spring - unless sold privately - to raise funds for research into stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis, a disease for which there is currently no cure.

The text may not be legible. Under the photo it says:

Jeffery Matthews MBE at work on reconstruction of original colour process. Photo by Sarah Jane Matthews.

The color name is written under each swatch. Below the swatches it says:

Off-cuts from original swatches of hand-mixed colours for Jeffery Matthews palette 1988 (last three 1996).

If it is offered by auction, I will post the information here on the blog.


Friday, 23 January 2015

Rest Your Weary Body on Machins

Previously we revealed the Machin carpet and the Machin pillow. Now, for the full body Machin experience, we highlight the Machin chaise longue. Its colorful fabric is luxurious velvet. This stunning piece of furniture - sure to get admiring comments from all your guests - is handmade in London and was featured in Vogue magazine.

If your living room needs some new philatelic phurniture, this could be for you. It's yours at the standard size for the low, low price of £1,181.50 (roughly $1772). Shipping is free within the mainland UK, but extra elsewhere.

More pictures and ordering information from Furniture Divas.