Monday, 7 May 2018

Another Customised Booklet

A few weeks ago I wrote about Customized booklets. Today I have had news that another booklet is due for release in connection with the Dads Army issue, due date June 26th 2018.

The two special stamps included in this booklet will feature Captain (you stupid boy) Mainwaring and Corporal (dont panic) Jones. 

Again although the booklets are new and collectable (for those who collect them), the codes on the 1st class Machins will not be new and will be a repeat of the earlier M18L / MCIL codes.

Thanks to for the image.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Six New Printings

Re -Printing of six Machins has been announced, issue date is expected on 23rd May 2018. From information obtained it is suggested these are replacements of De La Rue counter sheets, now to be printed by ISP Walsall. This is a continuation of the printer change which affected the new tariff stamps (values) issued in March.

Royal Mail has described the stamps as "none visible changes" It is presumed that the codes will indicate M18L.

Values ​​include 10p, 20p, £ 1.00, 1st class, 2nd class, 1st class large. There is no mention of a 2nd class large. It is presumed this will follow in due course when new stocks are needed. 

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Red Arrows Custom Booklet

When we reviewed the RAF customised booklet I mentioned a second booklet was in the pipeline. I now have some more details.

The second customised booklet for RAF Centenary will be issued on 11th May 2018. The booklet will contain 4 x 1st class Machin definitives with the same codes (M18L / MCIL) as the previous RAF booklet of six. Unless they are of a different shade they will not be new stamps as such. The 2 x 1st class special issues, are reprints of the RAF Red Arrows Flypast and RAF Red Arrows Swan stamps.

Customised booklets of six are some of my favourites. They are a little collection in their own right. They are also very popular with a lot of collectors.

A little bit of trivia for you. The Red arrows booklet mentioned above is the 59th booklet in this series. The first (Submarines) was issued on 20 April 2001. This was followed by Punch and Judy 4th September 2001. A third booklet Flags and Ensigns was then released on 22nd October 2001. Seventeen years ! My doesn't time fly?

These three booklets mentioned above (in particular) are still very much sought after and still sell for a nice premium over face. Long may the series continue.