Thursday, 7 March 2019


Christian Heritage Booklets were quite sought after as they were the only source of the 10p Type 2 Machin. Even today they still hold a good price in most catalogues.

I purchased this booklet about 12 years ago and discovered that the 10p value had a inking flaw, the flaw jumped out at me straight off as it can be seen quite clearly with the naked eye. I tucked it away for posterity and forgot about it up till a couple of years ago when someone else reported on social media that they had a booklet with a similar flaw.

I have recently had the booklet valued by a local dealer, he advises me that it should be catalogued at £100.00 plus. Not bad for an item that cost me £5.00.

Anyway to cut to the chase, I have decided today to sell it and have listed it on eBay, start price is £35.00. It will run for ten days and hopefully get a bid or two. If you wish to see the listing  just type in the eBay search bar what I have written in the title to this post.

Friday, 1 March 2019

New Rate Values Announced

I always look forward to these new stamps although I do not buy them or collect them any longer. Royal Mail have had enough off me over the years. Anyway back to the report.

It has now been announced that there will be six new values added to the Machin livery when the postage rates are altered in March. All the new stamps will have the M19L code and they, if you can afford them will be available in counter sheets of 25.

The values are described as follows : £1.35 orchid mauve, £1.60 amber yellow, £2.30 gooseberry green, £2.80 spruce green, £3.45 dark pine green and £3.60 bright orange.

Two new country definitive values for England, Wales, N Ireland and Scotland will be also be added to the fold . These are I  believe £1.35 and £1.55 values.

There are now no Machin stamps described as high values, but in my mind these are not what I would call low values and will cost a pretty penny or two no matter how you collect them. If it is as singles which is over £15.00, pairs, cylinder blocks of 6  or date blocks x 10. Just be prepared you will need extra deep pockets.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Four More Missing P Errors In Marvel Prestige Booklets

Norvic Stamps has reported that all of the Machin values on the Marvel prestige booklet panes have the P missing from the hidden MPIL code. The first time this error occurred was with the RAF prestige bookle Mixed Machin panet, no one expected it to happen again. Stanley Gibbons gave the first errors full catalgue status, so it is presumed these new errors will also gain full catalogue status.

Due to this fact there are actually now four new values to collect from the Marvel mixed Machin pane, not one as I reported in my last post. How these errors occur has not been yet been explained, but it is thought that it is most likely due to bad quality control at the printers.

My thanks once again go to Ian Billings, for his eagle eyes, and full report. To see Ian's blog and his complete report click here

Above is a blow up of the £1.45p value showing the error of the missing P in the code.