Friday, 24 November 2006

Byfleet & Dunstable Printings

I have recently had a lot of mail asking about the different papers/ gums originating from De La Rue Machin printings from Byfleet and Dunstable.

Hopefully this will help.
RMS Paper known as (Royal Mail Standard ) or (Specification)
This is the paper currently used at Dunstable for all current printings , Known in certain circles as ATN (c) This has a cream PVA gum and is dull in appearance, developed and designed by order of The Royal Mail to get near to that of HS2 used previously by Harrison's at the High Wycome plant.

TR3: This is the main term for paper used by Royal Mail for the Byfleet printings, there are 3 types found to date with variations of OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) in the coating.

These are listed and known to specialist collectors as Dull, Intermediate and Bright papers

these are given secondry codes by collectors as - d, - i, and - b.

TR3-d = DULL
TR3-b = BRIGHT (it is believed by some that this paper was also used for a very short period at dunstable, but others disagree)

These above can be sub categorised into (with) different 2 gums
ATN (1) - Layflat gum
ATN (t) - Tinted Gum

HSC is another paper used at Byfleet, a single paned dull paper with Layflat gum (imported from Jon Enschede of Holland). Due to the fact only single panes could be used on the ATN press, only no dot cylinder blocks were available from this printing.

A list of all Byfleet printings, cylinder numbers, paper types and gums will be given shortly. A List of Dunstable printings will follow when more information is available.

Roy Simpson
Machins Made Easy

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