Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Douglas G. M. Myall.

A name that is synonymous with collectors of Machin stamps, I would go to far as to say that he has done more to put Machins on the map than any other author. His studies and publications are without doubt the most comprehensive that I have read. The complete Deegam handbook is a must for any serious collector.

The Hand Book is housed in two large binders, pending the issue of supplement's it consists of 1272 fact filled pages, it is kept up-to-date by Deegam Reports. These are available to Handbook owners free online. They are also available free from selected stamp clubs. To date there have been several DGRs since the 3rd edition was published.

If its Machin orientated then the Handbook is where you will find it. Douglas is always grateful for new reports for inclusion, All booklet panes and their DP numbers are mentioned, along with a diagram of the pane and also the layout of the phosphor bands (where applicable).

The Deegam Notations

If you already own a copy of the Deegam handbook, or have read a copy of a Deegam report, you will be familiar with these.Douglas was a founding member of the BDSSC and the GB DSB SC, for whom he devised their catalogue systems. He also devised several techniques for the identification of single Machin stamps, including head and value types and settings and his SIN (short, inset and notched) system for phosphor bars.

His notations are used worldwide by collectors, clubs, dealers and other catalogue publishers, including Connoisseur, Stoneham and Michel. If you are a private collector his Deegam Profiles are a great way to write up ones collection. These stamp-sized bits of paper include all the attributes which make a single stamp unique and have graphic representations of the perforations and phosphor overprints.

The new award winning Handbook has been described as the Machin Encyclopedia. It plus the profiles provide a complete system for beginner, intermediate and specialist collectors.

The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook is also obtainable on CD-ROM
This is one piece of software specialist Machin collectors MUST have on their wants list. Click on thi link above to order it direct from Douglas from my website. More information and a direct link is available, you can pay via PayPal.

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