Friday, 1 December 2006

Enschede Emergency Printing

Enschede 35p CB Lime Green

This was a stop gap short order (emergency printing) ordered by The Royal Mail from Jon Enschede of Holland. What was also interesting with this particular stamp is, it was printed with just one centre phosphor band.

At the time De La Rue (who held the contract) were unable to re-print the issue as they were in the middle of transfering plant and materials from Byfleet to the new factory at Dunstable.

The Enschede 35p value only remained on sale for a short time untill the De La Rue factory was operational, then a further reprint 24/07/05 cyl D2 pD1(was issued (again with one CB) with the De La Rue logo.

I was also announced at the time that the Enshede version was a single no dot pane printing, which turned out to be untrue. It was later discovered that these had actually been printed on a double pane and the dot panes did exist, these were eventually available from certain quarters, but copies are still scarce* .

The Enschede stamps differ from DLR in the fact they have a glossier appearance and the fluor is very dull.

35p CB Lime Green - 21 /12/04
cylinder E1 *

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