Friday, 8 December 2006

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Something different today, but still on the Machin theme.

You will notice I have started to list my links to other sites of interest above left. There are many links on the Internet promoting stamp collecting and Machins in particular, and in the near future I will be listing some of them on these pages.

Today I am promoting a website and Blog of a fellow director of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association, Michael Dodd.

Michael has in the past produced articles on the Machin, he writes a interesting blog, and adds to it almost every day. This is a direct link to pages that he wrote in November 2006.
Please take a look I'm sure you will appreciate the content.

What you don't know about Machin

This is an interesting piece about a public house in the Black Country with a very unusual name. "The Arnold Machin".

More About Machins

This is a second article and describes "A Second Machin Head" Please pay him a visit. Take a few minutes and have a browse around his site, read his other musings, I am positive you will not be disappointed.

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