Wednesday, 24 January 2007

" Britannia Rules The Waves"

It has been suggested or you may have heard the expression " Britannia Rules The Waves"
Well in the world of the Machin I think this truly applies. This is one of my favourite Machins ( I actually have this sheet hanging in my study in a gold ornate frame) which holds a pride of place in my collection.

I am refering to the 1990 miniature sheet showing Britannia and the magnificent Sea Horses. The design ( by Sedley Place ) is one of not only beauty and intricacy but a miniature masterpiece in its own right.

Two different printing methods were also deployed to create this miniature masterpiece.

Printed by Harrison and sons perforated 15 x 14 it is printed on ACP paper ( bright ) with Dextrin gum. It was released to celebrate and commemorate the 150 anniversary of issue of the first uniform pre paid postage stamp, the penny black 1840 - 1990.

It contains a 20p double headed anniversary stamp designed by Jeffery Matthews. The anniversary stamp is printed in photogravure and the replica of the penny black printed in recess ( in order to look authentic), engraved by Christopher Matthews ( no relative to Jeffery) .

The sheet surround is based on the 1913 sea horse and Britannia high values, hence the title of this piece. These miniature sheets are not rare and can be picked up on eBay and other philatelic sites for a bargain price of a couple of GB pounds.

Go on treat your self, you will not regret it.

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