Wednesday, 17 January 2007

New Stamp Booklets

Yesterday 16th January was the date of release for the "Valentines Love Booklet"
A booklet of six stamps, five definitives and a Love Stamp, as the 2005 Smilers pictorial definitive but with a slight difference.

The smilers stamp had no ellipses and vignetted phosphor bands where as the booklet stamps have ellipsed peforations and solid phosphor bands, thus conforming to the other five 1st class defintives in the booklet.

This will be catalogued as a different stamp and a space will be needed in all stamp albums.

More News

It has only been one day and already booklets have been found with short phosphor bands , the asking price on eBay (buy it now £25.00).

I have already mentioned this booklet before , it will only be on sale in retail outlets for three weeks as a replacement will be printed on 1st February (six 1st class Machins) with a postcode advert on the inside cover. Dealers are bound to snap up most of the stock from Royal Mail.

If you want your copy of the Love Booklet get it now whilst stocks are still available. I am sure this will be a short order for Royal Mail and the price will increase in dealers lists over the coming months. I expect this ( provided RM do not repeat the exercise next year) to be on a par with the self adhesive submarines booklet which now changes hands at £30 - £40 plus.
Both booklets are printed by Walsall Security print.

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