Monday, 8 January 2007

Online Groups, Blogs and Websites

I thought today ( for a nice change) I would promote a few websites, Blogs and online groups that deal in, mention or discuss Machins.

Web sites

First on my list, A man named Denis Stevens who has a great website, with lots of images and up do date information on the Machin.

Denis, has been very good to me and other website designers (who have asked permission) in the fact that he allows me (us) to use some of his graphics which show the phosphor band alignments.

Nearly every Machin produced from day one to date is accurately described on this site, and I find it as an invaluable reference.
is the URL, pay him a visit and add the site to your favourites. Denis is also the process of constructing a new web site which will be able to accept on-line payments.

Another web site I enjoy Reading is There is a complete illustrated catalogue of all British stamps issued since 1924, comprehensive price lists and a page where you can find an exchange partner or freely publish your own stamp exchange offers. There are links to other stamp sites and to the world's official Philatelic Bureau's.

Larry Rosenblum is a Machin specialist and provides a wealth of knowledge, News, information, links, and fun for collectors of Great Britain stamps and related material. This is also the home of the Great Britain Collectors Club. Another great site to add to your favourites.

Machins Down Under the main body of the The Machin Interest Group of the Philatelic Society of Canberra comprises a group of devoted collectors who have acquired the Machin bug and wish to spread it around. My there are a lot of Ozzies into Machins! Pay them a visit.

A name I keep mentioning is that Michael Dodd who is the owner of CDD Stamps of Sydney Australia. Michael's website & Blog offer free gifts, competitions and a wealth of philatelic information. He is also a director and member of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association. Oh yes, he also sells stamps at prices collectors can afford.


One online group of which I belong, is a set of GB collectors which consists of 300+ members. . If you like a good debate I recommend you visit and join in the action, they promote competitions and various activities. Worth a visit just to have a good read.

All Nations Stamp Club is another. This group have members from all over the world and
the activity and discussions are on the same lines as the group above.


Number one on my list, although this blog does not go into much detail about Machins, it does give some very interesting information on stamps/ collecting/ and philatelic news in general. The name of the owner is Don Schilling

Michael would not forgive me if I did not mention his, another great blog which I read everday. Where do I find the time to visit all these sites I ask my self?.

Well I think that's enough for one day, but if you still have 5 minutes to spare after this session, do not forget to click on to my website....nearly forgot that one.......GB

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