Saturday, 10 February 2007

A Difficult Single

Difficult 10p Type 11

Type two values are designed with the newer Jeffery Mathews sleeker style numerals. Earlier numerals were more rounded.

Because of the ever increasing values and the size of the denominations set on the value tablet, the powers that be at the Royal Mail decided that a new set of value tablets would be drawn up. Jeffrey Matthew’s was chosen to design a sleeker set of numerals. Each value in turn was reprinted with this new ( narrower ) more modern style, later the denominations were also repositioned onto a uniformed grid in the bottom left hand corner.

The change started to take place on 30th March 1983 and carried on for a period of about 5 years. 1988 saw the change over completed right through the whole of the Machin range. Newer ungraduated colours were also added during this time to improve the look.

There are several 10p value Machins catalogued, but the variety SG X886 bi coloured 10p Greyish - Orange - Brown (Type 11) with 2 side phosphor bands is very difficult and is now catalogued as a single by Stanley Gibbons at £22.00 ( mint and used ) .

Printed in Photogravure by Harrison and Sons perforation 14¾ x 14 it is only available from the mixed setenant pane ( see below) incorporated in the Christian Heritage Prestige booklet issued 14 December 1984.

How do I verify this single stamp?

It has two side phosphor bands without ellipses . The value tablet is set high above the drapery .

When purchasing single stamps do not get confused with later stamps from vending and retail booklets . Type 1 10p values have the value set lower ( nearer the drapery) see image left.

Check your booklets

If you have the Heritage booklet(s) and have just stored it (them) away without checking the panes it may just pay you to dig them out and inspect the contents.

This stamp pane is also known with missing phosphor but you will hard pressed to find a single 10p non phosphor value .

It is usually collected setenant (vertical or horizontal) with a 17p as to prove provenience . A setenant pair with missing phosphor is catalogued at around the £2,000 mark. Or if your names Rothchild or Bill Gates and can afford it, a massive £8,000 - £10,000 for a complete pane.

Get checking , you may just have the deposit for that BMW lurking away in an album.

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