Monday, 5 March 2007

New Machin Definitives

In a previous post I informed you that it will cost more to post letters in the UK from April 2nd. I speculated that the rise would effect all postal rates including the pricing in proportion larger letters , and overseas mail.

The latest news is, as suspected, expect rate rises right across the board. European, worldwide and large letter( first and second class) rates are to rise as well as rates for normal sized letters up to 100 gr.

Inland Rates:

For this new rise several new stamps are needed. Images of the five new Machins due for release on 27th March 2007 and the 46p machin which is to be reissued have been posted in the March philatelic Bulletin. (see below)

Standard letters up to 100gr will increase. First class by 2p from 32p to 34p and second class by 1p from 23p to 24p. Existing Ist class and 2nd class NVIs will still be valid at the new rate.

The basic rates for Large Letters will increase by 4p from 44p to 48p (1st class) and by 3p from 37p to 40p (2nd class).

International rates :

Basic Europe rate 10gr and postcards: Also a rise of 4p from 44p to 48p. (earlier 'E' rate stamps still valid).

Worldwide rates:

10gr and postcards: Again a 4p rise to 54p.
20gr rate: will rise by 6p to 78p.
40gr rate: An increase of 5p from £1.17 to £1.24 .

The Surface mail 20gr rate is increased from 42p to 46p, and this will be served by the re issue of the 46p old gold stamp . Although this is not a new stamp it is likely that new printings will be made on The dull paper currently used by De La Rue , so this will be of interest to collectors of types of paper.

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