Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Another Missing Pound Sign

Another High value with a missing Value tablet !

Its true, but not along the same lines as the £2.00 genuine error from De La Rue ( see my previous posts)

The Arnold Machin Generic Sheet to be issued for the 40th Anniversary of The Machin will have the pre decimal labels ½d - 10/- defaced by an arc. The reproduction of the £1 stamp will have no value tablet.

I think it is pretty obvious to all that these labels will be imperforated, so why deface them? The pre decimal labels can not be used for postage so this is not the reason.

Talk about there being no trust in the philatelic community, as if anyone would cut out these pre decimal labels out and sell them as imperforated originals, or use them for postage in the case of the £1. Well I guess (my only reasoning for this) Royal Mail must thinkTHERE ARE unscrupulous people out there that may try.

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larry said...

I suspect Royal Mail's action is not targeted against philatelists, but, as you say, other unscrupulous people. I can understand about the £1 stamp, but the other stamps were invalidated in 1972. I suppose, however, that most postal workers today don't know that (many were probably born after decimalization!), so Royal Mail is being careful.

I understand why they are doing this, but it is sad that they have to deface the sheet in this manner.