Friday, 27 April 2007

The IPDA Comes of Age

April 2007 will be a date to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association ( now IPDA inc)

In order to do this Michael Dodd who is the publicity director ( CDD Stamps, Sydney, Australia) has designed a special cover with a limited edition of 100.

I might also mention that Michael has a great blog which is linked from this site below. Pay him a visit when time allows.

Back to the covers. These will be given free to all current members as a memento of the occasion. The image ( reduced size) has now been added above.

I have written about the IPDA inc previously and as a member myself and fellow director I do believe it is a worthwhile organization to belong to, no matter if you are a big bucks dealer or just an ordinary fellow who deals and sells the odd philatelic item on eBay or Yahoo.

What do I get for my money I am often asked?

Well for starters the fees are not expensive, at $20US per year, this works out at less than 38 cents per week. For this amount I can state with a clear conscience that as a member you will in the long run you get more than you pay for.

The IPDA inc will advertise your name and business on its well known website, you will receive a news letter 12 times a year. You may also add a banner onsite for a small amount, all revenue from advertising goes towards developing and promoting the association.

The association will also introduce you to contacts within the trade. But most important of all, worth more than all the tea in China and something you can not buy, this is, you get the respect and confidence of Internet buyers / sellers who will trade with you. I will even go so far as to say you will also get more business when people know that you are a member.

The Non profit making association was Incorporated this year and has a duly elected committee who insists on behalf of the membership that any new application for membership sign a disclaimer that they will abide by the associations rules and adhere to a strict code of conduct . They (applicants) are also checked out fully before they are given a membership number.

What are you waiting for?

If you sell on the Internet (part or full time) or you have an Internet auction identity on eBay or Yahoo, or any other online auction for that matter you are welcome to apply for IPDA membership. All new applicants over the next 6 months will also get the Special 5th anniversary cover sent to them free of charge as a token of gratitude.

Apply today: I have included a direct link to their website above , or just click on application form and fill in your details its as simple as that.

Once accepted download the logo for 2007 and join the list of respected International Online Philatelic Dealers, which grows steadily year by year.

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