Friday, 13 April 2007

Another Machin Anniversary Book

More good news for Machin enthusiasts, and a bit of advertising.

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary June 06th 2007, A twenty page booklet written for Royal Mail by Machin Guru Douglas Myall will be available and given away free to subscribers of the British Philatelic Bulletin next month (May 2007 ,Volume 44 Number 09)

Via his Deegam Report, (number 71) 13th January - 23rd March 2007, which by the way is in full colour and sent free by email in pdf form to all registered holders of the Deegam Handbook on CD.

Members of the Modern British Philatelic Circle also receive this Deegam report (black and white) in hard copy. This is also free and is supplied with a copy of the Circles publication (The Bookmark Journal)

To continue about the book, Douglas informs us :

"All Machin collectors will want this , whatever their level of interest. If you do not have a subscription I strongly recommend that you take one out now so that you do not miss this Free booklet"

My advice:

If you want to keep up with the latest GB News (other than reading this blog) subscribe to both of the above, it is money well spent and they are well in the reach of collectors pockets.

Unlike the mounds of confetti in the form of uncut sheets, generic sheets, ingots and coin covers churned out and described as stamps by Royal Mail. These publications will not break the bank, although its true to say the Bulletin does tend to advertise what I regard as "all the other crap above" which they have on sale in its pages along with some of the Machin news we all crave.

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