Saturday, 7 April 2007

Sleeping Beauty

It seems that due to the 40th anniversary of the Machin there is an upward interest in the 4d Pre decimal Sepia. This was the first stamp to be issued 0n 05 June 1967 with the new Arnold Machin effigy of the Queens head.

Let me explain, I recently had an email from a well known dealer asking me if I had any of these particular stamps in stock that were for sale. The request was for stamps in cylinder block form with angled margins if possible.

All cylinders were requested but in particular stamps with Gum Arabic were at the top of his list.

As I am one of those people with a curious nature, I wrote back to him asking if he knew something I did not :-) , his reply is reproduced below.

"It seems that due to the 40th anniversary of the Machin, it is expected that a new found interest has developed for this stamp, bringing with it a new market demand. Prices for all issues of this stamp are expected to rise above the norm, which by the way has been settled to a degree since 1993.

Cylinders to look out for are 4, and 8, ( gum Arabic) these with angled margins are fetching in the region of £8 - £10 per block.

Cylinder 14 with 2 bands and Gum Arabic is listed in specialised catalogues as a rarity as it now commands a price of £10,000 for the no dot block."
( WOW!)

For your information here is a a Complete List ( dot & no dot blocks)

4d Sepia 2 band GA ( first issue as above)


4d Sepia 2 Band PVA Gum
cyl 4,10, 12, 13, 14, and 15 cat prices are from £2.50 - £ 55

4d Sepia Centre Band PVA Gum
cyl 12, 13, 14, and 15 cat prices range from £3 - £45

If these stamps are on the rise, also watch out for the 1/- value 2 band ( pale violet) cylinder 3 and 1/9d value 2 band (Bright orange & black) cylinder 1A. Both with Gum Arabic.

Both of these stamps were issued on the same day.

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