Thursday, 17 May 2007

More on Matthews

When I wrote about Jeffery Matthews recently, I made the comment that someone could write a book on his fantastic career and his contribution to British Stamp design.

Jeffery has never been shy to give his autograph to collectors, and many collectable Machin items bear it, in fact any fees obtained by doing so are donated straight to charity.

Jeffery has also been rewarded for his work receiving the MBE (Member British Empire) amongst other awards.

Whilst surfing the net I came across a nice piece giving an account where Jeffery actually gave an interview to Larry Rosenblum and David Alderfer during The Stamp Show London in 2000.

I am sure you will find it most interesting, read the whole account for your self, here is the link.

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larry said...

Thanks for the link.

Mr. Matthews was very gracious with his time during The Stamp Show. We had a very pleasant discussion.