Sunday, 13 May 2007

Stamp Addicts

Now this is an unusual Machin that is a mock-up from (of) an original stamp.

Created by The stamp Addicts, for April Fool's Day last month and which is being sold to provide funds for the Scarborough Philatelic Society in the UK. A nice addition to compliment a Machin or Cinderella collection.
Stamp Addicts which is a yahoo club where members help other members in enjoying philately. The club was founded in November of 2000, mainly as a portal to distribute free stamps to people around the world.

Since its humble beginning , it has now turned into a full fledged, cost free club, where members get to share experiences, stories, finds, ideas, and stamps in a relaxed and honest atmosphere.

The club has several moderators and many members. New pages are being developed to enhance the club's activities, on an ongoing basis.

To visit or join the club just click here

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larry said...

This is great! Thanks for posting it.