Saturday, 30 June 2007

Worldwide Airmail Machins

This is an eMail from Ivan Carrington

I have a query you may be able to help with What is the correct SG number, 2357a or 2359a. Different books quote different numbers. Or did SG change their number."
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I have checked up on the numbers you quoted for the Worldwide Postcard stamps and 2357 is one of the fruit and veg special issues (1st class Aubergine) so I can not see that adding an "A" to this would be the correct number.
I feel that the compilers of the catalogue have made a small error here.
SG2358 and 2359 correspond with the overseas booklet stamps which are Europe (blue and roseine) and Worldwide (roseine and new blue). These are self adhesive with 2 phosphor bands, perforated kiss & die cut 14 x 14 with one elliptical hole each side.
These were introduced 27th March 2003 in booklets of 4 and were intended to pay postage on mail up to 40 gr to either Europe or other destinations outside Europe. Single examples were available from philatelic counters as sets of 2.
The Worldwide Postcard stamp you enquire about was issued at a later date also in booklets of 4 (01 April 2004) and takes ( should take on ) the number SG2359A, this may change at a later date if S Gibbons rewrite their catalogues.

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