Thursday, 26 July 2007

A New Machin Forum Hits The Web

There are many groups and forums on the web, but according to Dave Arthur he "can not find one that deals with the subject of Machins other than this one which is not exactly a furum." So he has taken the plunge and created his own.

The Machin forum created on June 7th this year is a welcome addition to our mists, as are all sites that deal in this Mania of ours. I have read all of the posts to date (and added a couple of my own) it seems to have had a good start with several members joining to date and I am pleased to announce it on these pages. Hopefully we can cross reference ideas and recent news between the two.
Dave who is the administrator has been collecting stamps for over 30 years on and off and in the last couple of years has used his knowledge of the PC environment to link it to his stamp collecting. He has 3 web sites up and running and specialises in Machins - especially those from Great Britain but he also has a collection from Hong Kong.
How about posting something here Dave on the Hong Kong Machin? Not my subject im afraid.

In addition to GB he has recently started a specialised collection of Canadian definitives limiting himself to post-1951 at this time.

Dave and his new crew welcome everyone to join this forum and hopes it will eventually lead to some interesting and educational posts.

Please feel free to visit the site and sign up, suggest anything that you believe would improve the forum, reply to existing posts or start a new thread.

This will be my last post here for a while, I will be off line from July 3oth. So its over and out from me ( or should I say adios ) and in with LARRY who takes the reins for a couple of months.

Best wishes to all and dont forget you can post here also, in fact its gone a bit quiet of late.....Are you all on holiday?
keep em peeled.....Roy


Anonymous said...

New to Machins I find this blog very informative and topical. wELL DONE. I will check out the Machin Forum also.

I am interested in more information on Hong Kong Machins. I like the miniature sheets in particular.

Brian Horton

Dave said...

Thanks Roy - my message to everyone - come on over - especially if you have an interest in non-GB Machins - there is an active discussion on just this subject right now.

Dave said...

Just a quick note: you don't necessarily have to have an interest in Machins to join the forum - any philately-related interest is welcome, for example there is currently a lively discussion on "Filing your Stamps" and I would love someone to come on and talk about Canadian definitive issues.