Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Scots Connection and A Move Overseas

You may be aware that sometime back I started to update my web site with details of various Prestige Booklets and their contents. This project was going smoothly until suddenly due to my other commitments and my forthcoming move overseas I have found myself with less and less time to finish the project.

I have managed to add a couple more pages, but as my time over the next 2 weeks will be even more limited, this blog and my website updates will have to be put on hold for a couple of months. It will get finished eventually I promise.

We now have a confirmed date for moving (July 30th) which is only two weeks away. I will be off line for a period of 2 -3 months after this date. I am sorry about this as I know how much readers look forward to these posts. Do not fret though, as Arnie says "Ill be back" so please do not give up on on me. Keep checking this site for updates, I may get the odd oportuntity to post something.

One of the latest posts to the web site was a insight into the Prestige Booklet entitled a Scots Connection. I am reproducing this here for those that have not had the chance to browse the site at this time.

Above left is a picture of the front cover and below details of the contents and pics of the panes. The Pictorial cover shows a picture of the famous Forth Road Bridge.

This was a first for this type of Prestige booklet and their contents. It was the first of three to include Regional Machin stamps. The other two regions to be introduced at over the following years were Wales and Northern Ireland.

Printed by the House of Questa in litho issue date 21.03.1989. The booklet is made up on interleaving pages and label panes containing the Scottish Regional Machins which describes information on Scottish history through the ages.

Pane 1 (above) : 9 x 19p Scotland definitives ACP/ PVAD

Pane 2 (above) : 6 x 14p Scotland definitives C B FCP/ PVA

Pane 3 (above) : 5 x 14p LB, 2 x 19p 2B, & 1 x 23p 2 B FCP/PVA

Pane 4 (above) : 6 x 19p Scotland definitives ACP/ PVAD

What is interesting and not normally known as with the previous booklet ( Financial Times ) is, the panes printed on ACP have Dextrin gum where as the panes on FCP have PVA gum.

Another first with this booklet was the inclusion of a centre label on the Multi value pane, this label depicts The Lion of Scotland.

Here is a direct link to the page where you can view the whole series listed to date .

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