Saturday, 12 April 2008

Thank you, MBPC

It's only April 12, and I've just received the latest edition of The Bookmark, the journal of the Modern British Philatelic Circle. I was especially pleased to receive it because the envelope was franked with all three of the new Machins, the reprinted 9p, and one of the new regionals, all issued just a few days ago on April 1. Just for good measure, it also included one of my favorite special stamps, the Ordnance Survey issue of 1991. (Since this is a Machin blog, I'll restrain myself and not go off on a tangent explaining why I like this stamp.)

Roy has written about the MBPC before, so I won't repeat the information here. However, I will add that the Circle has an extensive web site that is being actively enhanced. (Much more than my own web site!) There are extensive sections on booklets and booklet panes and special issues. There's a complete list of De La Rue printing dates. Most recently added is a cross reference between booklet panes and booklets - for each pane, it lists which booklets contained it.

The main parts of the site are available to members only.

The club also has extensive and frequent auctions. If you are interested in acquiring QE II material at favorable prices, the auctions will be very helpful.

The bottom line is that if you collect Machins and/or other Elizabethan GB stamps, then you should be a member.

You can visit their web site at


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