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Now We Are Cooking

Continuing the theme on Back to The Beginning another Pre Decimal first was the £1 Stamps for cooks booklet known as a sponsored booklet but arguably and according to some catalogue compilers the very first Machin Prestige Booklet.

Issued on 1st December 1969 the booklet printed by Harrisons on OCP/PVA contained four panes of 15 stamps, the stamps have head type B (bust shaded at base). Of interest is the fact that two different types of booklet exist, a stapled and a stitched seam version (above).

The value of the stamps that it contains were at the time of issue used to pre pay the minimum first class (5d deep blue) and second class (4d vermilion) inland letter rate. The se-tenant pane allowed the user to make up the 4d second class with a 1d stamp in order to send an inland letter by first class.

Pane 1 (below) contains 15 x 5d, with 2 phosphor bars, the stub describing a method for cream of potato soup.

Pane 2 (below) containing 15 x 4d, with centre bar, the stub describing a recipe for Baked Stuffed Cucumber

Pane 3 (below) contained 15 x 4d centre band and a method for braised lamb

Pane 4 ( below) se-tenant, had 6 x1d, 3 x4d left bars, 3 x 4d right bars and 3 x 5d 2 bars.

Several error booklets are known with certain panes having missing phosphor bars, another with uncoated paper or broad or narrow phosphor bars. Panes are also known from the stapled booklet (which I think was sent out to potential advertisers ) with the stamps missing or overprinted SPECIMEN. These booklets ( as are individual stamps from them) are considered to be very desirable to collectors of specialised material and fetch good market premiums.

It is said when collecting this type of material. "It is advisable to purchase them with good or average perforations". Unfortunately, due to the method used when guillotining the finished product many booklets contain panes with poor perforations either cut top or bottom.

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