Saturday, 12 July 2008

No New Machins For The 50th Regional Anniversary

Country Definitives 29 September 2008.

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Country ( Regional ) Definitives a Prestige booklet will be produced. I do not have details of the printer at this time. If you have this information could you please enlighten us?

For those of us who were hoping for Machins, its bad news I am afraid no new Regional Machins will be issued .
Information from John who is the regulator of the group Stamps of Great Britain

All stamps will be 1st class and the panes will depict :

Pane 1 :

3 x stamps of each for Northern Ireland, Wales & Scotland in the old designs for 3d., 1/3d & 6d.

Pane 2 :

3 x stamps of Scotland for 3d., 1/3d & 6d. & 3 x 1st class Lion country stamps

Pane 3 :

3 x stamps of Northern Ireland for 3d., 1/3d & 6d. & 3 x 1st class Field country stamps

Pane 4 :

3 x stamps of Wales for 3d., 1/3d & 6d. & 3 x 1st class Dragon country stamps.

Also on the same date to mark the 50th. Anniversary , there will be a Miniature Sheet issued. This sheet will also consist of the original designs of the 3d. stamps issued on 18 August 1958 and the 6d & 1/3 stamps issued in the September of that year, but this time. 9 x 1st class stamps, 3 of of Scotland, 3 of Wales and 3 of Northern Ireland. This miniature sheet will be printed by De La Rue Security Print in Gravure.

Do you collect Decimal Regionals, be it the Country Pictorial Definitives or reproduction Wildings? If so give us your views , your thoughts on these issues would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I collect sterling wildings as well as decimal scottish regionals. Yes, it is slightly disappointing that there are no new regionals (or even a miniature sheet, say, of the current pictorials). These new stamps carry on the theme begun with the miniature sheets issued earlier, as well as the booklets and castle stamps, and, hopefully will now bring decimal wildings to a completion and round off these interesting issues. As is usual, getting good 'normally' used examples of these (as I require) will be very difficult and I will probably have to resort to breaking up first day covers; never mind. Keep on blogging! Alex.

larry said...

According to the July Philatelic Bulletin, the panes will be printed by lithography by De La Rue.

I collect non-Machin regionals in a simplified fashion. I will add these to the other reproductions Royal Mail has given us over the past decade.

I have never cared for any of the designs of these regionals. The Welsh stamp with the words POSTAGE and REVENUE interspersed between the leaves surrounding the Queen is one of the worst GB designs of all times, in my humble opinion. (Okay, now I've gotten that off my chest.)

So I am disappointed that there are no Machin regionals as part of this celebration. After all, they were with us for two decades, much longer than the Wilding versions. On the other hand, it means I don't have to buy another copy of this outrageously expensive booklet to add to my Machin collection.