Monday, 14 July 2008

Machin News & Royal Mails 2009 Stamp Issues

Some people are very lucky. News of a second class PiP business sheet has emerged which is completely imperforate, it also has the Matrix intact.

Royal Mail preliminary stamp Issues for 2009.

Now we all had a moan regarding the amount of issues produced and planned for this year (2008) . Some collectors even signed a petition which was sent to The management of Royal Mail complaining about the amount of stamps issued. As suspected it looks as though the complaint to R M has fell on deaf ears.

We have a preliminary total of roughly 25 issues, 4 of which will be Prestige Stamp Books, 7 miniature sheets. Four sets of 10, one set of 8 , one set of 7 and 3 sets of 6. You can add to this new definitives for the price increase in April, various retail stamp booklets, Christmas Stamp Booklets and Smilers Sheets.

It is no wander collectors are deserting Royal Mails new issue service like rats from a sinking ship.

The details to date are

13 January Design Classics (10) +Prestige Stamp Book
22 January 250th anniversity birth of Robert Burns (Miniature Sheet)
12 February 200th anniversary birth of Charles Darwin (6+Miniature Sheet) +Prestige Stamp Book
26 February Celebrating Wales (Miniature Sheet)
17 March Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution (8)
21 April Kings & Queens 2 (Tudors) (6+Miniature Sheet)
May "Treasures of the Archives" Prestige Stamp Book
19 May Endangered Plants & 250th Anniversary of Kew Gardens (10+Miniature Sheet)
16 June Mythical Creatures (6)
July Olympic Disciplines (handover) (10)
18 August Postboxes (Miniature Sheet)
1 Sept Fire Service (6)
17 Sept Royal Navy Uniforms (6+Prestige Stamp Book)
8 October Best of British (10)
3 November Christmas (7+Miniature Sheet+Smilers sheet)


Anonymous said...

Complain all you want about having too many issues, at least GB still issues stamps to be proud of! Look at the USA in the past year: Star Wars, Disney, comic books ...

larry said...

Anonymous is indeed right. Although the number of issues is well out of hand - and four (!!!) prestige booklets (will they all be almost £10 like the upcoming one for the anniversary of the regionals?) is outrageous, the quality of GB issues is generally higher than most other countries. Someone pointed out that in recent years, the USPS has issued more stamps for cartoon characters than for real people.

And as for the survey, well, how many hundreds of thousands of sets of Harry Potter stamps did Royal Mail sell? Do you think a petition from a few hundred people would make Royal Mail give up that amount of revenue?

Sadly, this is the situation and there will be little change in the future unless Royal Mail's sales plummet or they go out of business entirely. All we can do is adjust our own collections accordingly.