Monday, 18 August 2008

Readers Poll

To keep readers informed my self , Larry and Allan try to post here as often as we can, sometimes it is every day, other times perhaps two or three or even four or five times a week. You will notice if you scroll down to the bottom of the page we have added a readers poll.

In order for us to get an idea of the amount of times and when we receive visitors it would be helpful if you could take a few seconds to inform us.

Thanks in advance:


slambo said...

I answered "every day" to the poll but I don't actually view the full site every day. What I do monitor every day is the output of the RSS feed in my feed reader. I find this a much easier method to read the articles in a timely manner; I can more quickly scan through all of the sites that I'm interested in to zero in on the articles that I want to look at in depth.

larry said...

I think that counts as "every day". Thanks for responding.