Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I Am Not Insane, Just Stupid

Referring to my previous post today and Adrian Keppel's wake up call in the comments department, another thought hit me (two in one day) am I spending to much time on this Mania thing of ours? To make such a stupid error, even though the stamps were issued 41 years ago, the answer must be an obvious YES.

I am going to join Larry and wear a dunces cap for a week. I should also find something better to spend my time on. Do you want the windows cleaned Love? ;-)

Whilst on the subject of Adrian I mentioned his blog last week, I took a tour of his pages and found several mentions of Machins, Country definitives and other stamps of GB. If you have not yet found the time to browse his blog I suggest you find the time. You will not be disappointed.

There are also some wonderful informative posts on Hong Kong Machins which I found of great interest. I know that he enjoys writing philatelic articles so I am going to write to Adrian later today and ask him if he would consider joining our team to re post his musings about the Hong Kong Machins on Machin Mania.

I hope he accepts!


larry said...


Anything is better than washing windows! Just grab your copy of Deegam and tell the Mrs. you are doing some remedial studying.

Meanwhile, with our dunce caps on, let's see if we can figure this out. The two-color pre-decimal Machins from the late 1960s and the two-color large Machins from 1977-1987 have traffic lights. How about the two-color Machins issued in 1971, the 9p orange and black and the 10p brown and tan. Do those have traffic lights, too?


Machin Man said...

Larry, This was the second wake up call (reminder)I have been waiting for. I knew I had seen a 9p stamp with colour markings and this was it.

In my original post I mentioned I had sold some blocks of 4 with square colour dabs. This is definite both 9p & 10p values from November 1971 have these dabs.

However this does not answer your question about traffic lights on these decimal issues.

I do not know with all certainty.

Over to someone else before I make myself look stupid again.