Thursday, 4 September 2008

Robin Harris & Adminware

This medal goes to Robin Harris, who I welcome today as a new link from Machin Mania. Rather than write a review I have linked to another website (or blog) that has reviewed it for us.

"Robin Harris has created a veritable treasure trove of information on Great Britain's Machin stamps. Virtually every Machin, including many variations, are detailed on his comprehensive website. This week, I've chosen his site for Stamp of Distinction's Website Spotlight."

NB: Stamps of destinction will also benefit from a link.

If I have one negative of Robins site it would be that he has disabled the right click on his pages which in it self stops people from downloading the images and text. He is perfectly in his rights to do so, but I feel these are of such brilliant quality they should be shared on the net.

"His attention to detail make it an excellent representation of all that is good with a comprehensive philatelic site. It is a tremendous collection and will be a great site to bookmark."

Say no more, click on this link (my appologies for the bad link, this has now been fixed) so browse Robins site to your hearts content.


Anonymous said...

I also think your car is of such quality, that it should be shared with all of the people in the neighborhood.

Machin Man said...

oopps, looks like I have touched a raw nerve, my appologies.