Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Arnold Machin Loco

If you go back to 29th March 2007 I wrote about A railway engine with the name of Arnold Machin.

Well I can now inform you that it does not refer to "Our Arnold" as we (I) thought at the time, that is unless he was also a manger at Eccles Slag Works at Santon. It was he (the manager) who the engine was named after.

Some interesting (new) information by email has come in from Charles Ashley who worked at Eccles Slag Works for twenty years before he emigrated to Australia. Charles has also left a comment to the original post.

"The locomotive is still running at Corus Steel, only it it is not used as a work horse any longer, it now has a less laborious task and takes tourists and visitors around the Corus Steel Works at Scunthorpe.

Not sure who the driver for Eccles was though,either W.Bagley,or H.Carnaby"

Thanks for the info Charles. Shame really I quite liked the idea of a train with Arnold's stamp upon it (pun intended), but there we have it after a year and a half from the original post my sneaky notion was totally wrong, never mind eh? It was still a nice bit of trivia at the time.

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