Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Collecting Multiple Strips of Multi Value Coils

Multi Value Coils are normally collected in strips of 4 or 5 values. In most collections these strips are in unmounted mint condition, or in the case of the actual Readers Digest promotional strips if on the original card they are secured to the card with the original wax line. I have also seen them off the original card ( classed as mounted mint ) still showing the wax strip on the reverse. Some multi value strips are also known used and on on first day cover.

For my example of multiples I am going to deal with (coil) 02 of which in the original format is usually collected in the order as: 2p + ½p +½p + 1p +1p

To add a bit of variety to your collection of these Coil Strips they can ( are ) also collected in different se-tenant formats, these are separated from longer or multiple strips from the original Roll.

I quite like these and have a few in my own collection which I THINK look quite striking when mounted on an album page. These different se-senant strips are now quite difficult to obtain compared to the norm and as such seem to carry a higher premium over the usual catalogue price.
See the images above for one such presentation which shows. MV 02 ( Five different ) 5p Se-tenant strips of 5 stamps. Printing details of these strips are : Head B1, 150 Screen printed by Harrison and Sons.

This item is known to exist with a variety of several different papers and gums, it would be quite a challenge to obtain them all in the five formats shown I would think.

OCP/GA (Original Coated Paper Gum Arabic) 15/02/71
OCP/GA Silicone Coated (Original Coated Paper Gum Arabic) 1972
FCP/GA (Original Coated Paper Gum Arabic) 22/09/72
FCP/DEX (Fluorescent Coated Paper Dextrin Gum) with thin paper 04/74

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