Sunday, 16 November 2008

More Machin News

On the 29th September we saw the issue of a set of Machin definitive stamp cards showing the current 17 denominated values and 7 NVI 's. This postcard set was priced at £9.60. Does anyone actually purchase this overpriced rubbish?

I used to look forward to new Prestige booklets, but sadly they are not every one's cup of tea these days, unfortunately they are growing out of favour (fast) with many collectors. This is mainly due to the to the greed of Royal Mail as there are now far to many new issues per year.

Two P B's per year was OK for most, and we could handle the odd times when three per year were issued. We now know that at least four Prestige Booklets are earmarked for issue in 2009. Far to many in my humble opinion!

Anyway for those who do still buy them, I have new information on some of the Machin panes that will be available to you from these.

13th January

Design Classics will be printed by Walsall Security Printers, priced at £ 7.68. In this Prestige booklet there will be a Machin mixed pane, this will have: 4 x 16p; 4 x 50p and a central label.

12th February

Darwin: This booklet will be printed by De La Rue, and will be priced at £ 7.75 . It will also contain a mixed Machin pane : values 2 x 5p; 2 x 10p; 2 x 48p, 2 x 1st class NVIs and a central label.

18th August

Treasures of the Archive Prestige booklet: No details of mixed panes or content at present.

17th September

Royal Navy Uniforms Prestige booklet: Again no details at this time.

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GBStamps said...

Personally, I think one prestige booklet per year is enough, anything more is excessive.

I did make the decision recently to resume collecting the Machin panes from these booklets. After all, they are legitimately issued booklet panes, no matter how contrived. Fortunately, I can use at least some of the excess panes as remittance for dues or other items to some of the organizations in the U.K.

If there are singles of interest (different printer, for example), I get them from a dealer.

I would be glad, however, if Royal Mail returned to sanity and drastically reduced the number of such booklets produced each year - or at least did not include any Machins, as with the recent regionals booklet.