Sunday, 11 January 2009

Are You A Machin Maniac?

On a less serious note today my post today reflects
Now this is what we call Machin Mania
With most aspects in life these days they are on a serious note . I think its nice to have or see a bit of humour so for a change here is :
I was surfing the web earlier today looking for a post on Machin Plates. I came upon this by accident

The Machin Plate : Cylinder 4 no doubt!!

This is another pic I found, it took my attention away from stamps for just a while and then I just had to have a bit of fun with it.


GBStamps said...


I'm glad you like my license plate. I've already qualified as a full-fledged victim of Machin Mania.

It's cylinder 6, actually.

My question, though, is where on the web did you find that picture? I didn't take it, nor do I know who did.


Machin Man said...


I must admit, I had a sneaky feeling it was yours but dismissed it. when I first read your comment I even thought you were joking.

I found the pic on

(quote)"In California, you are what you drive. There is no better (and safer) way to express yourself on the highways than with personalized license plates. Here is a sample."

By the way, nice plate,as it is a US car I should have guessed it was cylinder 6!

GBStamps said...

It is pretty amazing that my license plate was photographed and posted to the web without my knowledge, and then you happened to come across it and put it on the blog. It is now a very small world.

Looking at the caption of the picture and through Global X's photos, it appears that he is French. He assumed my plate is the French word "machin" which is roughly "gadget." I will have to post a note and explain it.