Saturday, 17 January 2009

British Design Classics

I have just realised that we did not have a picture of the cover from the British Design Classics PB on site, so with out no more of a do, here it is.

I have stated elsewhere on site that I have drawn a line under my GB collecting activities and that these days I do not collect self adhesive stamps. However this is not quite true, I do occasionally make exceptions if I like the content.

I must admit I have always liked the Machin and Special Issue mixed retail booklets and have most of them in my collection (starting from the Submarine mixed self adhesive booklet issue) to the Ice Cream Booklet (present date).

This new issue (left) will also be one of those exceptions to my rule and I can say without doubt it will definitely end up in my album.

For your information this is the first in a series of three Design Classics themed retail booklets it will be issued on 10th March 2009 priced at £2.16. Rising in price after April 6th I dare say.

The booklet contains 4 x 1st NVI gold; 1 x 1st NVI Telephone Kiosk and 1 x 1st NVI Routemaster Bus special issue stamps. It is not evident from this photograph, so it is not known at this time if these will be of the new security (slit) type stamps.

Two more booklets with this same design theme are planned for release later this year. 21st April - 2 x mini car and 17th September - Spitfire + Concorde.

Well done Royal Mail, it looks nice, for a change a Classic Design.

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