Friday, 23 January 2009

Lasergravure Machin Head

Even when I have nothing to write about I can usually find something interesting to show you.

I had a lazy day yesterday (Thursday). With nothing in particular to do, it was to cold (below 20) to doss in the sun I decided to search the web for any dealers offers. On one site that I paid a short visit to (Mike Holt) I came upon some specialised Machin material for sale that I knew I had seen before. For the life of me (my memory is not what it was) I could not remember where I had seen it . This bugged me a little so I set out on a mission to find this " lost information". Step one, get my head down and do some reading.

This info did not take long to find, as usual my first port of call was Deegam, starting with some old Deegam Reports. After after 15 minutes I found the answer on page DGR73-14, August 2007.

As soon as I seen this report my memory came flooding back. Part of this report is a complete description of Lasergravure trials which turned out to be ( Deegam quote) "an attempt by Crosfield Electronics Ltd. to find a cheaper method of producing gravure cylinders without using acid etch methods or expensive copper coatings."

On page DGR73-15 Douglas pictures a copy of the Machin Head that I am referring to above. It turns out that there were several in different colours. The actual picture, left , (from the dealers list) originates from the estate of the late Aubrey Walker, who was the chief boffin for the Royal Mail research centre.

For the full description on Lasergravure you will have to do as I did and refer to the DGRs. If you do not have access to these reports, information on The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook, + the latest version on CD, what it contains including free DGRs and how to obtain your copy is available on the Deegam website.

I think this is a brilliant image of the Machin Head. So much so, I spent 30 minutes or more enlarging it and studying the results with windows picture and fax viewer.

Tip: This a great way of blowing up images to study detail, just scan your own stamps and use the windows pic -fax viewer to enlarge them.

Notice the text at the bottom which states that it is engraved by Lasergravure System 700 printed by Harrison & Sons for Crosfields Electroncs Ltd.


GBStamps said...

Below 20! I hope you don't expect sympathy from your (former?) friends in the U.K.


(I don't mind. It's about the same here...our "Mediterranean climate.")

Machin Man said...


when in Spain I apply the old saying to do as the natives do.
Part of this code involves, keep your woollies on until April, (if under 20 he he) , drink lots of beer and siesta at 14.00 - 16.50.

Anonymous said...

In most of your posts you advertise the Deegam Handbook.

I do not have a problem with this as Douglas does Stirling work studying and publicising his results. But can I point out these do not come free, one must first pay a price. Everyone must first purchase the handbook to obtain his updates.

Machin Man said...

Not completely true!

Written Deegam Reports are free to all members of the Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC).

For details on how to join this club see their website.