Friday, 30 January 2009

Miniature Sheets

Just for a change I thought we might move away from new issues, but what to write about (this is the question).

How about GB Miniature Sheets?

I have quite a number of miniature sheets in my collection, as I tended to buy a few of each on release. Why? I do not really have an answer for this one, I guess I just wanted to keep up with the Jones,s

Anyway, I was doing some research on miniature sheets this morning, whilst doing so I was very surprised to to see that the market prices for these are are not moving that much. Prety grim if you have these in an investment portfolio., but to be expected I guess for they are paraded by Royal Mail as often as 5 - 6 times a year.

There are three or four exceptions, which seem to holding their own, one or two of these are catalogued over the 10.00 mark. These which I have picked out from the bunch are:

11 August 1999 Eclipse £10.50
14 December 1999 millennium Timekeeper £10.50
22 May 2000 Matthews Pallette £12.50
19 December 2003 England Rugby Winners £9.00
13 January 2004 Classic Locomotives £9.00

Nothing else of any note (from the 60 or so issued to date) seems worth a mention except for maybe one or two that may be on the rise over the next year. These are: 13 March 2001 Weather sheet selling at £6.95 and perhaps the 13 April 2004 Ocean Liners issue which has remained static for twelve months at £5.50.

To buy them now a complete set of 60 will set you back in the region of £225.00

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