Friday, 6 February 2009

Machin Man or Macho Man?

Having nothing in particular to write about today, I thought we might go semi Machin so to speak.

In one of Larry's posts (cant remember which one) he mentioned that Machin in French translated into "thingy or thingamajig", another name when translated equals the words whatsit or gizmo.

As I am now resident in Spain I was interested to know what the equivalent of Machin translated into when it was changed into Spanish. I will give you a clue, it could be in a sense A Macho Mans idea of "finger lickin good".

I found this while playing on the net ( another post with a difference) and thought id share it with you.

"A lot of the of cooked chicken sold is here is called Pollo Rostizado - spit roasted chicken, it is seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices, a kind of KFC.

Pollos El Machin, left roughly translates as "The Macho Guy's Chicken." which is a seasoned Roasted Fried chicken. It is also referred to as Pollo asado, or barbecued chicken."

Well there we have it, I have shared some rubbish information with you guys , sorry I can not share the chicken) , :-).
By the way, El Machin is not located here on the Costa Blanca, Spain but in San Miguel Mexico.
All this talk about food has made me hungry, anyone for Pollo?


GBStamps said...


That's great! Ironically, since Pollos El Machin is in Mexico, I'm a lot closer than you are. Unfortunately, it's a bit out of my way, even from here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, chicken on stamps. What next, H.M cucumber sandwiches?