Saturday, 21 February 2009

New First day Covers

Above a nice cover from Tony Buckingham, who have produced two covers for this issue, one features a set of four Machin Definitives (First and Second Class standard plus First and Second Class Large) with the new security features plus a Windsor postmark.

The second cover on offer from Buckingham ( not shown) features the 50p and £1 Definitive stamps plus Windsor postmark. These I feel are a bit pricey at £8.95 each.

(Below) as Promised here are the scans of the two first day covers for the new security (slit) stamps ( high values and low values) that are now available from Royal Mail from 17th February 2009.

This is just an observation but if you look at the presentation pack in the previous post you will notice that the actual stamps in the pack are not die-cut through the backing paper and are torn from the conventional sheets.

Now all we have to wait for are the Walsall printings ( booklets and Business sheets). These are on sale from 31st March, it will be interesting to compare them to the De La Rue printings.

Also on 31st March we have the new Machin definitive and country stamps that will be printed by De La Rue in gravure, in sheets of 200 to look forward to. It has been said that "these new stamps will not have the same security features as were applied to certain ( slit) stamps in February this year."

As soon as more news arrives we will inform you if this is correct, another case of "wait and see")

Until next time enjoy your stamps


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