Saturday, 7 March 2009

The First Walsall Security Booklets

As a key account customer Ian Billings has received his first supply of the first in a series of the Design Classics themed retail booklets, official issue date 10th March 2009 priced at £2.16. The booklet contains 4 x 1st NVI gold; 1 x 1st NVI Telephone Kiosk and 1 x 1st NVI Routemaster Bus special issue stamps. Printed by Walsall Security Printers.
What Ian writes in his blog about this issue is very interesting, as his scans show that the security slits are quite different from the De La Rue issues. To be brief, the Walsall slits are not joined in the centre of the arcs. Ian also states that the stamp printing is also quite different.

It will be interesting to see if ALL of these Walsall printings will be of the same when they are issued to collectors and the general public on the 10th. If not Ian will have very nice variations to be proud of. Read Ian's full report here.


Anonymous said...

Will have a cylinder shown ?

Machin Man said...

No cylinder booklets will be issued.