Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Posting your replies

I get several replies to this blog every day by e-mail, some are downright spam ( mothers reunion etc), these I delete , others I think deserve a reply.

One such e-mail, as I have ventured to the subject of Wildings (sorry none Machin related) from Neil kennedy asked me to show you a Prestige booklet error that he received from the St. John Street Post Office in Chester. On receipt of the booklet he found that pane one was duplicated. Neils words "I thought you might be interested to see the attached photograph of it."

I wrote back and and informed him I had seen this before somewhere and he informed me I was correct, It was shown on Ian's website on the day of issue. I think I actually placed a link to it from this site at the time. However , here we are admitingly a few months late posting this news direct. Neil has given me permission to show the error picture on this blog. ( see below)

Enjoy! It just goes to show, what I always say "keepin em peeled pays." you never know when you will come across something special.

Thanks Neil.

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Ian - Norvic said...

On our site we also have similar errors in the Darwin and Machin Anniversary booklets. Strangely, despite the apparently huge number around, nobody ever contact me to say that they had found similar errors in the RAF Uniforms booklet, so if anybody reading this has any, I'd be pleased to report them - contact at ian@norphil.co.uk