Sunday, 22 March 2009

Stock Cards From Walsall?

Have you heard something new is happening in the world of stamps?

Whilst I was looking at Glenn Morgans website yesterday I decided to have a short browse around the Walsall Security Stamp Printers (flash site) (none flash site) .One of the links took me a new website of theirs called stampstore which I found rather interesting. Now I do not usually advertise commercial websites but I have made an exception in this case for two reasons.

This site caters for collectors and supplies several types of stamp carriers and stock cards, which are very reasonably priced. Roughly 20p each, this to me is very cheap for a quality product. The stock cards are available in many shapes and sizes and can cater for singles, pairs, small, large blocks or sheets.

They state that the materials used are all carefully selected for safe, long-term archiving, from the special acid-free, tough black backing-board and the permanently bonded crystal clear transparent mylar cover sheet to the low rated pH adhesive bonding. This is a professional customised range of storage solutions which will help to keep any one's collection in pristine condition.

The second reason for mentioning this site is the image produced above. What I would give for a set of these printers labels. Unfortunately they are not supplied with the products.

To order direct from the site simply click on the carrier solution that best suits your requirements from the range shown for more information. Then follow the clear instructions to order on-line.

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