Monday, 9 March 2009

Walsall x 6 (A Blow Up)

This is the blow up of the stamps from the booklet mentioned previously.
Are the security slits split? I have emailed Dave to ask but he has left on business in the USA , (he will not return until April) so he has not answered me directly.
What do you think? here is your chance to voice an opinion. Having studied it for a second time, I think not.


Ian - Norvic said...

Yes, the slit at left is definitely split, the one at right is not as easy to see. The left one looks exactly like the Design Classics booklet stamp.

Machin Man said...

Thanks Ian,

Perhaps ( if) when you get supplies of these booklets, you will be so good as to check them and let us know your findings.

Anonymous said...

There are now some blow-ups and comparison between the DLR sheet stamps and the Walsall Booklet stamps on the Machin Forum that show several differences including the splits in the Walsall issue that don't appear in the DLR issue.